Visual Songs of Salvage that I Sing to the World

Spring is Alive and Well at TTH as we finish up some of our best houses yet and begin even better. Here is a shot of the 4th house I built when we started Tiny Texas Houses 8 years ago. It is plain compared to what I build today, but beautiful in its simplicity and idea. All thoughts and ideas are born simple and grow as we meditate upon their meaning and potential.

My Little Red Mascot was the first Tiny Texas House I ever built.

If we are lucky we will climb out of our culture box that society tries to place us in and hold us so that we can see the possibilities that can exist in such a tiny space. At first I could only come up with a few ways to use this tiny 12’x20′ space and somehow thought it was small and thus cumbersome to be creative in beyond a certain measure which the prototypes exhibit.

The Blue Gambrel and Vicky Two

Then I learned that space is in the mind and when I work with the gifts of Salvage that are at my fingertips and forget about the limits of the space, instead being solely concerned with creating a beautiful feeling. I studied techniques of perception we use that function as measurement tools for the brain to determine size. Then I twisted them all around to create space inside the head instead of inside the house.
It works. I call it Space Magic and the proportional twisting is everything one could want it to be, creatively using so many parts and pieces that one would never imagine it possible that you could walk in and feel like you are in twice to three times the space you are actually contained within.
Life is like this too. The bigger spaces do not always make you feel better but instead weaken you and cause your mind distraction when it may need instead to be looking inward.

Vesper Casita in progress with the upper and lower areas exposed in one shot.

The simpler one lives, the tinier the spaces one contains their private time in, the more they will focus inward to the Spirit, to the part of us that is the most important, the most powerful, and the most creative. Thus is it possible to feel like you are in a bigger space, for you truly are if you have looked within to find the other window to look out of when your eyes are closed. It is the window where the brightest Sun shines and the greatest visions can be found, formed into your future, and then materialized in this other plane we like to call home, Earth, Life in the body we get to see, hear, touch, taste, and feel it with.

Vicky Zebu is a new step in a fun direction.

Once back in this vessel and out the door into the world once more, expand once more into the reality you help create with the actions, the words, and the intent of your day. In my Tiny Organic Houses where your Spirit and your body rest unharmed, enjoy the quiet moments, inside where you can be silent. Perhaps you’ll finally understand why I have created these sweet spaces that look tiny from outside, but once inside, you will open up your mind and eyes to bigger spaces than the world will ever build for you to see in any other way. It took 500 years for the trees to be created that I build with, and 150 years for some to find their way into my houses and become a part of the Space Magic that will move your mind to places it may never have yet been. I hope this long exercise of creating and showing the world how to do this will demonstrate beyond a doubt how Amazing a pile of one Man’s trash can be for creating another’s most amazing and nearly unbelievable Dreams.

The entry to the Star gazing porch

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you your chance to grow such seeds of Hope and Solutions in your world and the others who can resonate this and the other

Vicky Zebu’s Star Gazing Porch

“Visual Songs of Salvage that I Sing to the World”.