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Volunteers needed for the New Berlin Bootcamp

We’re Looking For a Few Good Volunteers!

Salvage Mining House

Front view of the main house we’re taking down.



Several extra outbuildings to be taken down during the Bootcamp!

The New Berlin Salvage Mining Bootcamp is just around the corner. We have openings for 2 or 3 motivated individuals who would like to join the Bootcamp, and are willing to barter their time helping us with meals and logistics in exchange for a ticket to the Bootcamp!

Here’s what we need: 2 or 3 people who are hard-working, take direction well, and preferably have experience in the kitchen. We are providing meals for our crew and those of you who have selected the meal option for the Bootcamp, These Volunteers will be expected to be in the kitchen at 8:00 a.m. sharp, to help Michelle prepare breakfast. We will eat, and the Volunteers will help with clean-up, while the rest of the crew and attendees load the trucks, and head to New Berlin.

The Volunteers will then help prepare lunch, which will be taken to New Berlin and served there. After lunch and clean-up, the Volunteers will join the rest of the crew in experiencing Salvage Mining at it’s finest!

The Volunteers will return to Luling and help serve dinner and clean-up each evening as well.

Volunteer Crew

We will have alternating days where one Volunteer will go with the crew in the morning, and spend the entire day Salvaging, while the other Volunteer/s help with the food and clean-up. Each Volunteer will be expected to help as needed. But we will make sure that you are also getting the benefit of Darby’s knowledge and expertise, and that you also have plenty of hours to get your hands dirty and get involved with the Salvage Mining Adventure! Some evening we may have a small campfire and singing, discussions on the days events, random subjects, salvage opportunities in your area, and question and answer sessions, all of which are all included in the Volunteer agenda as well.

Salvage Mining Tutorial

These Volunteers can be either male or female, and Michelle would love it if at least one of you had the strength to carry some of the heavier items to and from the vehicles. Please be aware of safe food handling procedures and basic sanitary guidelines. Look at your hands right now. If you have dirt under your fingernails, you may be a lovely person, but do not apply for this position.

Please send a short synopsis of why you’d like to be considered for a Volunteer position in our Salvage Mining Bootcamp, and what your specific skills are that qualify you for the Very Important Volunteer Position described above, to If you have additional questions, you can email Michelle there as well. Please do not call about the Volunteer positions, as there are a lot more of you than there are of us! We will call those of you we wish to interview for these positions, and the rest will be contacted via email.

Include your contact info, with a telephone number and the best time to call, and let us know which days you’re available. If you’re available for all 10 days, that would be great! Those applications will be given top consideration. Volunteers will be able to camp or glamp here at Tiny Texas Houses for no charge, OR to rent a bunkhouse style space in a Tiny Texas House at a reduced rate. This would be a great opportunity for some of you who are considering going tiny, to live in an actual, beautiful Tiny Texas House for 10-12 days! Just please understand that for the free Bootcamp tickets, nearly free lodging and free food, we do expect the work and help we’ve described above, cheerfully, promptly, and without drugs or liquid courage!


Thank you, Everyone! It’s going to be a busy, fun, exciting, life-changing 10 days!