Imagine Being One Of The Builders To Supply The Orders That Would Take $15,000 To Ship To Buyers Outside Of Texas.  Please Get In Touch If You Have Some Skills And Want To See About Getting Licensed To Build For Us, Be Supplied The Doors, Windows, Flooring, Siding, Roofing And More On Consignment And Paying Us When You Are Paid For The The Homes By The Buyers.

Want to get the materials fronted to build an Organic Cottage Business under our Flag??

If you think building Organic Cottage our of Salvage sounds like fun stuff, I am now looking for people who want to build them under the Tiny Texas Houses License to ship to your local buyers instead of trying to move the houses cross country. My goal was never to build a nation wide housing corporation but to empower millions of small businesses made up of friends and family to be able to fulfill the demand I had hoped to create.

Pure Salvage Living
(Copyright 2007) which is the site where you can learn how to build this way, to salvage your materials, and to grow your business for the family and friends to help move this Renaissance forward.

The concept of creating a model that can be grown repeatedly in other places around the country has been part of this plan from the beginning. Tiny Texas Houses was the first phase of that goal.

As we form the first few villages with Rainbows overhead, these houses are the treasures that are at the Rainbows end.

Pure Salvage Living was the second for it opens the door to create the houses organically around the whole world as a Renaissance that focuses on the virtues of repurposing, reusing, and human ingenuity.
There is now demand that is growing as more people realize how much their health hinges on the way they live their life. From the organic food movement to the exercise trends in Yoga, biking, and other ways of saving or salvaging our bodies, minds, and spirit from the stresses and damage of modern living. For those who have spent a few decades on the debt treadmill and are hoping to get off, the chances of continuing without downsizing are slim and not necessarily inescapable. The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is about how we transition through these tempest times and reach a common goal that will make it possible for us all to live comfortably without destroying the last of our planet’s resources in the final surge of consumerism that appears on the horizon. Americans past 50 years is not an example that can be perpetuated and the sooner we dispel the myth of the Big American Dream house that we can not afford to sustain and is designed to reach obsolescence long before the loan is paid off. There are many ways to create wealth out of the salvage in our country.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

If you would like to focus on more lasting goals for the next decade which includes the development of Salvage, Texas as an event venue which will include a music and film festival event venue, B&B in Organic Houses, a salvage market, and so much more. You can do so from afar in the beginning if you join as a member to help develop the rest of the model town of Salvage, Texas and perhaps even invest in a home, vendor space, or other means of having your retirement savings earning 36 times more return on a physical asset/interest in a such a property in our town. YOU would get to write off the depreciation over 10 years, get an incredible return on your investment in a house for the B&B or a vendor space that rents for years or holds your stuff to sell. You would then get an asset, not a number in cyberspace for an account you can not get to if the internet goes down.

As we spruce them up and make them ready for a public tasting, here is a shot of the Writers Cottage building plans that are now available.

I am hoping others will come and invest in this vision of creating a destination point in the midst of the brightest star in the Union we love to call Texas. You could own a piece of Salvage, Texas in the form of a house until you retire and want to take it away or come live here and work your vending/studio/teaching/alternative healing center/ organic veggie market, and the other things we will make available to the 18,000,000 people within a 1 1/2 drive to Houston or shorter, to Austin or San Antonio. If there is ever an SHTF day and a reason to get out of the city, we will be holding your house safe, keeping the veggies growing, the hens laying, and awaiting the day while taking care of a space you can stay at 30 days a year as part of the deal. Imagine owning that getaway, even a 1/4 f it with the right to one day buy out the other interest if they choose to sell while getting to write off the portion that you own and get an income off from it instead of the .25% given in retirement funds these days. Best of all, if you do not own a house now, you may have a loophole that lets you take the money out without penalty to invest into a home. Oh yea, this qualifies as a home.

The community site is intended to show others how to use the loopholes to build tiny organic cottages out of 95% Salvage. It is possible to engage in this housing dialogue with some sanity but it will require some new variances in the bureaucratic quagmire of cities, counties, and states, that will allow for this sort of toxin free sustainable construction that I believe is in our destiny if we are to break free from resource and energy use laden creation of the materials to build a house with today. This is the beginning of the transition of 70,000,000 Baby Boomers from the gargantuan homes they are accustomed to without the means to retire, operate on savings, or get out of the debt traps our generation has created. This creates jobs and paths for kids to be able to learn life skills who may not be ripe for college until they can afford to pay for it without loans using their salvage home building skill sets they learned before graduation. This I will promise they will love learning, living, and it is because they can see and believe it is a path to their untethered freedom instead of going to college for 6 years and not having a job when they get out to pay off the loans. 40% of the $1.3 trillion in student loan debt is presently in default and the taxpayers are on the hook if the students do not pay but the big lenders that lied and lured the kids in with false promises are off the hook, rich, and will never suffer for the lies the councilors told the kids.

Mel, an intern from Germany in her 20’s, Andrea, an art teacher learning functional art construction called House Art, and men who want to create showers in their homes, or a side business putting them in the homes of others. This is just part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance beneficiaries.

This is a path for the women over 50, the kids from 25-35 who do not wish to be part of a Broken American Dream and anyone who has lost their faith in our version of capitalism where the primary winners are 2% of the population and the government they control that employs so many that they can not bring the population together to shrink it when so many feed off from it. Now with the retirement pension fund failures, government cutbacks for benefits, we are hitting the wall a generation, the Baby Boomers and Millennials alike. As they hit the wall with no savings, we can do better if we work together, and I would love to see more people in Houston taking the parts and pieces, building loophole housing, and thus sowing this into the fabric of our society.

Yes it is true, we are finally having another essay contest even though I said it may never happen again after the essay contest where we gave the entire house away, already built, the last time.

My essay and other skill contests during the next year will create 12 people who show the process of moving from one phase of our lives into the next. What will we do with all the stuff my generation collected in our big houses, the antiques of generations gone by that our children do not have space for, regardless of the guilt trip to steward them for the next generation. We have collections of doorknobs (my 2,500 being a laughable example) to Beanie Babies and Barbie dolls that are soon to be homeless.
Where will they go if we do not instill a new perspective in the society?

What do we offer the kids to build upon if not the hard work of our ancestors that made our lives of plenty possible in America?
Once the antique stores are full and supply outstrips demand, prices will drop leading to a collapse of the preservation system that keeps us from believing we still need to use up more of the limited resources in the world. First, and soon, we need to figure out how to teach children and our society to respect the work it took to create glass made in a time that 12 year olds pulled the coal from the mines or sharpened the saw blades in the mills where my siding, flooring, and doors were created. Our past homes, buildings, and barns wore manifested in a time without electricity, without vacation pay, sick pay, and in a day when men worked for tokens minted by the lumber and coal companies instead of dollars. They did so for 352 days a year with only two holidays, 12 hours a day in many cases up until the late 1890’s, or as late as the 1930’s in Texas.

This house was the subject of a music video called Song of Salvage and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

Truly America is shamefully throwing away the 500 year old trees they harvested a century ago that were the bones of structure now functionally obsolete but sound those materials are still good to build with today. Only our perception of their value keeps the public from taking them by the Billions $$$$ if dollars worth and turning them into new homes that will last for another century. It is the regulations created by the giant corporations to take such materials out of the reach of those who chose to build in order to prevent that abundant resource that is warehoused in plain sight from being harvested and reused. They have code in 95% of US cities, as well as around the world, that prevent people from using salvaged lumber for structural materials such as 2×4’s for walls, 2×6’s for floors or roofs, etc while the proof shows that the new speed grown lumber can not muster 1/10th of the strength, longevity, and quality of the older woods, doors, windows, flooring, and many other parts of our housing built in the past. Supplies of the best of the wood, metals, and artisans who wanted to create product that was both pretty and functional abounded in our early life with craftsman and skilled immigrants that came to turn our abundant resources into the American and Industrial Revolutions before crushing most of what was good in our ethos using the Mass Media Revolution and the Technology Revolutions that threaten to destroy our air, water, and species for sake of greed.

We can do better than the consumerism that resulted from the two revolutions in our society leading up to this digital age when we have the technology to fix much of the problems and creating a millennium of Peace and Prosperity. This is what I envision the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance becoming a part of as it enables so many to participate more by being more prosperous, empowered, able to contribute to their local community and the betterment of the global conditions and freedoms at the same time.

Pure Salvage Living Logo with Rubbles the Mascot helping bring the solutions to Mankind to save the planet he and his friends have done so much to maintain. Even the Earthworms are in danger from the chemicals, not just the bees. Please pay attention to stopping the Naled poisons from being sprayed on us and the bees. Atrazine, like other hormone mimic tricks on plant and people must stop soon and our path to saving the Earth return.

The concept of creating a model that can be grown repeatedly in other places around the country has been part of this plan from the beginning. Tiny Texas Houses was the first phase of that goal. Pure Salvage Living was the second for it opens the door to create the houses organically around the whole world as a Renaissance that focuses on the virtures of repurposing, reusing, and human ingenuity.

Kiev came from Louisiana to learn how to get the materials from the salvage bootcamp and then how to build it so he can open a Pure Salvage Outpost in his hometown.

Here is a drawing of a proposed Tiny Texas cluster of tiny houses where the bigger house is in the middle for everyone to gather at, have a large kitchen to share, extra loft for village guests, and a laundry area. This would be like a B&B in our Tiny Texas Houses Fantasy Land.

Hi, I am Brad Kittel, creator of Tiny Texas Houses. Thank you for joining us in exploring the possibilities for empowerment through the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Thank you for sharing the seeds for change and saving the gifts at our fingertips that will enrich the world for centuries to come.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize.
Its been a bit over 10 years since I started on manifesting this vision. 80 houses later, a reputation with proof this can work that has been recognized around the world. Time to share and grow this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance into a community that stretches around the world. Please join me on the next decade as the community forms and the knowledge is transferred until we get the 100th Monkey Effect and it becomes part of our culture in the future.

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

The houses and trails of Salvage, Texas will give you a chance to walk barefoot if you like, put your feet in the pond or mud in the cavern 35′ below the ground
. All of that just for joining us in the launch of the next phase of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.

That is my focus, the ideology I call the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that is responsible for the design and construction of the Tiny Texas House Art series. It proves beyond a doubt we could do it, make it pretty, durable, and energy efficient with materials that would clutter the land fills that are running out of capacity. How much better can it get? Perhaps you can help us find out.

We have 43 acres and some of it will be sold to compatible entities like businesses that are organic and supply the three cities so they could grow the following here at the Salvagefaire markets and distribute to the masses locally as the demand grows.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a place for the organic minded people who are seeking paths to sustainable and healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day.

In case you want to know where you are at…. here is a pamphlet that tells you more if you can see it.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

We will even have people here willing to man the vendor booths on commission, and help create cyber and land based distributions centers for products that help get and keep people healthy, allow them to live sustainably with respect for the past, salvage, our elders ways, and a path into the future that is available for most people who simply choose to put the human energy it takes to manifest their own destinies.

Our path runs through some concepts that can be adapted to many parts of the world, possibly your world too. Here is what we are manifesting ours to look like as we create the model for others to work with, and thus move faster than we have in developing the model, getting financial help, and manifesting a dream for you and your family.

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!

This is the second highest elevation pond of 9 on the property now. Over a mile and a half of shoreline where as three years ago there was no standing water on the property, now millions upon millions of gallons feed the wildlife and will make it possible to grow food now, year around.

It is at most people’s fingertips But they are blind to the opportunity, nearly for free, as is said in many a text, and I am simply trying to spread the axiom of giving to others in this way….

If I can teach a man or woman to build a house out of 95% Pure Salvage then he will never need for a job, his family will always be housed, and he can do for others what few will do, empower them to use the Light and Fire in the belly to manifest miracles and a happy life for those they love. The energy of soul, once focused, full of hope, and realizing that solutions exist that are achievable, can create miracles in their lives, communities, and across our planet.

In the process of teaching others then go on to teach. One couple took nome the wall shingle package to put their own bath shower together when they get home.

Learning how to reuse the 100+ year old roofing shingles that are still good for another hundred years in a shower.

Is that not a happy looking tiler?

I believe that as the World Unites in Believing (WUB premise), then we will be achieving the impossible daily. As we Unite under the common banner of believing in our ability to save our species and the others that share our globe by living sustainably, learning from what we have learned about our planet now, reduce the pollution, and somehow to live peacefully by sharing equitably what is here and respecting the value and history associated with it.
See more on the

Where Fantasy and Reality meld together each day with imagination and Human ingenuity.

Soon there will be a town where you can be a part of showing what that can look like, come stay in an organic house, feel the energy imagination brings to life, and go home confident that you could carry that passion forward and likewise ignite the spark of Hope in others that will Awaken them to the power they too have within them to change the world around them. Together, united, the masses of the world can make miracles happen overnight. For the first time in history we have the ability to communicate and share facts, information, success, and issues around the world in hours, without pipelines of information being censored to the point of totally preventing progress in many fields of science and medicine. So to will the social change come, regardless of the fences, information travels at light speed in dark places and there is no way to stop it from escaping when millions upon millions of ingenious minds are working against the devious and destructive minds that have been in control for centuries. Knowledge is power and for the first time in history, the words I write, if read by the masses, have the power to awaken them to their own power. Such transfers of knowledge have been protected for eons by those who knew of the power of individuals who are actualized, awakened, believing in spirit more than body, and the life that goes on rather than simply ends with the loss of this version of your vessel you form for this lifetime alone. Once someone realizes their power and chooses to use it, they can move mountains as they saying goes, create changes in the world around them, and alter the course of their lives.


Please join us for the next phase of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.


This is the target in the Ethos of Tiny Texas Houses, but we only reach 95% Pure Salvaged Materials to create a house most of the time.