This Is The General Concept Of How This Will Evolve, But All Things Change As Time Goes By And The New Energy A Buyer Could Bring To This Is What I Hope To See Help It Grow Long After I Am Gone.
Let Us See If The Right People Come Along To Invest And Hold A Vision That In Common, Will Be A Great Place To Visit When We Are Done Creating Our Dreams.

Want to own a Piece of Salvage, Tx? 1-20 acres For Sale on IH10, high, dry, at the Heart of Golden Triangle

One of the biggest chunks of property available at the highest exit that did not flood during Harvey’s visit, though every other exit to Houston, 140 miles away.  Utilities from the city, possibly a Flying J Truck Stop going in across the street on 32 acres, so there is much to look forward to if you want to service Austin, San Antonio, and Houston without going through another city to get there, all within an hour and a half drive.  Great to grow a distribution point as well as common meeting grounds, such as the possible venues we could host at Salvage, Texas.

I have gathered the means to create houses out of 95% Pure Salvaged Materials and Human Energy. I have spent 30 years developing these methods so that when the time came we could use them to free People from the chains of debt and free them to live life fully instead. Darby greets and invites you with the path that started in Texas some 33 years ago when Darby came to Texas. It is a great story of how to Salvage Mind, body, spirit, and home with little more than human energy, imagination, and ingenuity. Please join me for a chance to open your mind to the new world of possibilities based on the treasures of our past.

One of the possible futures in our ever-changing world is that the markets and the houses will encourage even more. To this end, I would like to see some others come and share, by building on the vision with a piece that can be yours.

One of my favorites, the Gingered Swan, is a legendary 80 square foot ( 10 sq. m.) bottom floor that is the destination for people from around the world, a night sleeping in an organic cottage in the Heart of Salvage, Texas.

A sunset from Salvage, Tx is a beautiful thing.

The land from up above with google shows the ponds and the portion that will remain under the wings of Salvage, Texas if so destined. The property on the western border of Salvage that includes hwy. 80 frontage as well as IH 10, just outside Luling, Texas. Most of it is within their annexed area with full utilities possible. I hope you find it tempting if you are working with organic oriented businesses, artistic development, and a healthy future for our society. That common theme will surely continue to help develop the awareness we will need to feed and house our world in the near future.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.  The layout has evolved, but not much different than envisioned long before the ponds came into view.  Wildlife flourishes where once there was none and many things grow, including dreams, solutions, cures for the ill, spirit, and more.  This magical place is now available, in part for others to share and own a piece to steward while we are here.

For those of you who do not know where Salvage, Tx is, look outside of Luling to the south a couple miles on the highway with the traffic that will make it all worthwhile.  Think Canton, Tx, Gruene, Tx., Fredricksburg, Tx…. all theme based towns that were created with intention to attract their followers.  It took a couple decades to grow from nearly nothing to amazing… and that is what this location can do too.  Check it out and consider joining me for a decade or two.

For more information: and let me know how much you would like to affect the future with the investments of your time and energy today.

Brad Kittel