Darby Invites You To Explore, Invest, And Come Have Some Fun At The Events We Will Be Having Starting In June.  Music Events, Film Festivals, Market Days For All Things Salvaged, And Much More Cool Events At Salvagefaire, In Salvage Texas Of Course.  Don't Know Where That Is.... May Need To Become A Member To Find Out.  Hehe.

We are prepping for a Big 4th of July Week Grand Opening of SalvageFaire Music & Film Festivals

So Heath was playing with some photoshop features and we kinda liked this for a logo.  ??

Here is a nice drone shot of the Acre of Hope, the site where Salvagefaire, the market, and it shows some of the incredible cleaning and mowing going on as we set up for our first smaller than future scaled events for the month of June leading up to a 4th of July Week Grand Opening Party of Music, some Films, and a market for some of the great things we and others might bring from the past that could be used to create a colorful, imaginative, and positively sustainable future. 

The path to Temple Tantra, and the home I love so much in the back of Salvage Texas.  11 houses are on the regular Saturday Tours, along with camping, B&B houses for guests, and places for RVs to join us to start the season of wonderful plans we have ahead.  From market days, seminars, music festivals, car and bike rallies in the midst of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston with the coast just an hour and a half away as well, we have the location to meet with friends and share some good times.  

Here you can see Heath and the new custom made boat we picked up to put on the pond for an overnight stay you can rock and roll in. Soon to be custom painted and outfitted to go on Walden Pond.

Sleeps two and we will set it up for screened deck, romantic touches with a bed and lighting that will rock your socks off, and put you into a dreamland you may not have experienced before, especially on a windy night with the frogs a croaking.  Hope to have it in the water to go within the month.

Behind the new guesthouse, you can see the main SalvageFaire building that houses the recording studio and kitchen for concessions when the music and films are playing. Members will be getting free admittance to and event of choice as part of the new promotion starting this next week.


Thanks for following and watching as we build out what is now sketched.

Here is a sketch of what several of the buildings will look like from the street. May not be clear but better drawings to follow to show you more.

Better drawing to come but it is going up as fast as I can get that part done it seems.  Please check us out and start considering joining us for the essays and other great things we are cranking up around here these days.