More Than You Can Imagine, Almost Makes You Dizzy.

We are taking down the Gonzales Warehouses (over 60,000 sf)= SALE!

YES, as of the 1st of the year we will be selling off some of the vast Tiny Texas Warehouses inventory as we salvage the giant 100+ year old structure and move the massive contents to create the market place that will be part of Salvagefaire. This means we will be selling a bunch of the inventory rather than moving and putting it into the market place if possible so now is the time to get massive discounts.
panorama one.

More than you can imagine, almost makes you dizzy.

Here is a less rounded view of a portion of the warehouses.

Look around, Heh, and see how much there is.

Seems like and endless supply but we are going to test what that means by selling a bunch to promote more salvage building.


This is the materials you could use to take advantage of our new offer for building plans you can use to create your house or compound.


flooring in Long Leaf Pine 3 1/4″, 5 1/4″, 7″, 2 1/4″,

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

flooring in Oak, northern Pines, plank to create it with
trim for doors, windows, inside and out, clear no knots
Jamb stock to build windows, doors, all clear no knots
1×12 siding Long Leaf Pine, White Pine,

Door and window jamb stock ready to clean up and reuse once you cut it to the lengths you need.

Entire gable ends (3) 14′ wide.

Lots of columns and some posts too.

Tubs and sinks in good and fair, even some in bad condition for cheap troughs, fish ponds in the garden, and much more.

Great for an outdoor kitchen hood.

Porch Columns Cypress
Porch Posts, Pine and Cypress

Yes, we may even sell the Magnolia sign for a few hundred dollars but are not sure on the price yet.

Entire library with Black Walnut and Cherry Wall panels, doors with Moorish Arch and in great shape too. bigger than a 12 x 12 room.

Many unusual types of beaded board for wainscot, artwork, or ceilings.

Clear Long Leaf Pine door and window trim
Oak trim, crown, doors,
Decorative tin ceiling

Antique glass panes & sashes,
Beaded Wood of several sizes

Plus more stuff than you can imagine if you also add in the massive hardware selection for hinges, doorknobs, and more.

Antique Door hardware, grills, hinges, latches, and so much more in the best selection you may ever find in a single spot.

Huge savings for members and a 50% discount to members for the sale.

By appointment only so we can be sure to work with the clients in warehouses that are not suitable for just wandering around in.
Dark spooky nooks and crannies, treasures from the past galore, this is a sale that will get people into one of the largest stocks of windows, doors, and much more in the United States. We will be offering one day between Christmas and New Year if some members want to come and make some Early Bird Buys that will only be available to members. New Members will get a $50 extra discount of their first purchase over $500 or extra 10% off total sale prices too if over that amount.

Gothic wardrobe piece for the many adornments of the priests in the drawers below. Excellent for in an office with architectural drawings or artword as the deep wide drawers will hold large drawings and such without folding them.

We prefer clients make an appointments as we have over 100,000 square feet of warehouses full of stuff. Part of the warehouses are in Gonzales which is 16 miles from our main warehouse which is about 20,000 sf.

Nearly all the types of windows you can imagine, and lots of the diamond window sashes too.

This stair set climbs about 10′ I think.

4′ cast iron tub which is a good size for tiny houses where you have babies to wash.

More of the cast iron fireplace fronts.

Giant pocket doors that also work for ceilings and wainscot if you want to get fancy.

Incredible 1″ thick double sided, double beaded, Long Leaf Pine tongue and groove up to 17′ long. Not easy to find. $10 per square foot at under 10′ sizes. I use this for the bathroom wall by itself so as to add 4 cubic inches for every square inch of wall to the interior of the bathroom. That is the same amount of space in the biggest refrigerator you can buy, then usable as shelves in the bathroom instead of a hollow wall of sheetrock (yuck). $8 per sf (reg. $12)

Double bead Butterfly trim.

For more info on other bonuses and specials for New Members in the end of the year drive please see this about free nights in the B&B to stay in while you shop at the warehouses. Trust me they are big so if you are driving here you may need to rest after and drive back the next day. Membership has its benefits besides discounts.

For more information or an appointment to come to this members only sale of the century, contact