In The Process Of Teaching Others Then Go On To Teach.  One Couple Took Home The Wall Shingle Package To Put Their Own Bath Shower Together When They Get Home.

We covered all the bases at the Shower Seminar

So much covered for just two days. The shower seminar was a success as we managed to teach the entire process of building the mud pan all the way along the path to border, plumbing floor, installing liner, mesh, mixing & spreading mud, mastic, tile, mortar, and even prepping and installing the wall tiles. Whew. We were able to get a good bit of hands on work for those that wanted to get dirty and share many of the pitfalls, good ideas, and details to making your dream shower happen with these mostly salvaged materials.
Here are some of the great photos that came out of the seminar. Hopefully this will just be the seeds that great things grow from later.

Mel is oiling the roofing shingles. She is an intern from Germany and will learn how to do all this and take it back there to share in a few months.

A simple pattern with many types of tile.

Is that not a happy looking tiler?

Eli, our little helper.

Getting her turn at laying on the oil to bring the panels to life.

Fable is our supervisor on this house.

One couple took nome the wall shingle package to put their own bath shower together when they get home.

Cutting the underlayment for under the tiles on the walls.

There are not many tools needed to clean up the tiles. Wide mouth clamps, ball peen hammers, steel brushes, and you can reshape them, pound out the dents, and put them to work for another century.

Adding the oil really brings out the color.

More pictures to come of the 1st of many seminars where you can attend for free. One day I envision Pure Salvage Outposts around the country where people can come and learn how to build out of salvage using the local materials that are abundant nearly everywhere if the people just look.

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