As The Sun Sets This Day, A New Path Is Growing In Its Dimming Light.  Tomorrow The Sun Will Rise On A New Day That Is Full Of The Possibilities, And This Place Will Define How Far Out Of The Box That Can Take You If You Decide To Escape From The Matrix And Test The Limits Of Your Imagination.

We have the first on Planet: Elevated Organic Cottage VIP Boxes for events, judges, King and Queens?

Yes, and you could even stay in one overnight, especially if you were the vendor below, or a VIP of course.  They could have all the luxuries of glamping or more if you decide to build one out in Salvage, Texas as a custom home away from home for events and markets.  This is a new paradigm in Bartering markets where the value of the old things is the priority of the day, the week, the life I live.  It is the chance to see what can be done with the organic perspective applied in sustainable housing, event centers, weddings, music/film festivals, and places for the affectionados of the past treasures that Artisans created with a pride in craftsmanship rarely seen these days.

Progress, progress, slow and sure, through the night the carpenter fairies came and added a few things while most were sound asleep.  I like it so far, but I can see what it will be and few others can it seems.  Stay in touch and by next week you may be amazed at what comes.  Below are some progress shots to show how stacked up palettes can become a market like no other most will ever see in their lives, no matter how long they live, unless they come to another Salvage Living Outpostas a co-op that will empower millions, like I envision will be nearly everywhere one day.

In the distance there is the sun setting behind the DJ booth above the crowd in that venue by the Greenhouse where there will be a 500+ sf dance floor to share as the music flows from the speakers.  How are you doing these days with your concert venues that you love, where positive music, perhaps the nostalgic glimpses into our past lives?  Is it time to go to a concert, a drive in theater type film festival, or some of the great new ideas where there can be several channels being broadcast on headphones so that people could watch and listen to movies of choice depending on the screen they liked, listen to music (mostly original), and yet take off your headphone on one side and have a normal conversation without yelling over the music or offending others who are watching the movies.  Crazy possibilities because so many people now have amazing computers in their pockets as phones that will let us do things our grandparents never imagined as kids.

Want to take a tour from the birds eye view and see what it looked like just a few weeks ago and you may see a difference as we prepare for the July 4th week of possible events.  Join as a member and see what is coming, how you can be a part of it all, and if you want to book a calendar for an annual event you wish to promote, NOW is the time to get with us and lock down your venue before someone else claims your category for the years ahead.

Stained glass, antique tin from old building ceilings, vintage lighting, doors, windows, hardware, and most of the things you could ever hope to find in the vast warehouses from which the contents are being transferred to Salvage, Texas in order to create a new destination where all things organic, sustainable, salvaged, or build by our ancestors and deserving of much more life or transformation to useful parts of our future.  This is about respecting the hard work, the incredible harvested resources of our past, and the embodied energy that is encapsulated in what I find fascinating material to create House Art, SalvageFaire vendor spaces, living/artisan studios where the Elders can share with the Youngers who do want to learn, and preserve the knowledge, perhaps even the wisdom of those who spent their lives gathering it and now may leave us without getting to share and pass it along if we do not pay attention soon.

Up on the second floor where the door is on

Here is a way to take palettes that would ordinarily not have much value and turn them into an entire set of market booths for vendors at the coming events and weekend salvage and barter markets.  Yes we would like to have a farmers market too but at this point I think we are working on some compliance things to be sure we do not upset the powers that control our food sources.

For now, artists, musicians, creators of all sorts, antique buffs, car and bike enthusiasts, and many more will now have a venue in the midst of three great cities, not inside of any of them.  You will be able to come, camp, stay in your vending spaces or lease out the upper lofts for the night if you are here for an event.  So many options I can not tell you them yet as you may not be able to imagine they are possible.

The incredible beams you see being used before you are spanning incredible distances considering they have been cut and originally used in the mid to late 1800’s.  Some are Oak, Fir, Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly, Poplar, Hard Elm, and other unknown ancient species I can not identify but can realize its potential and put it to use for another century or more.  They will get harder with age, actually treatable when they have some issues and still able to survive for centuries if just oiled, perhaps treated with boric acid to keep pests down, diatomaceous Earth at the bottoms, and more that we will learn about over the years as we watch the world spin through the coming decades of changes in food, weather, and social patterns due to conditions beyond human control.  Let us save the treasures we have in precious materials that we can use again to manifest what we could never have without such gifts of salvage that was left by our ancestors who created them with coal pulled from the mines by 12 yr olds, and no paid holidays or sick leave in the 352 day work years of the 1800’s.  I am ever thankful that so much treasure is so readily available as barns, buildings, and houses that were built with the blood, sweat, and tears of generations gone now, but still flowing in our veins as the chromosomes that we created our bodies with in the generations alive today.

Please help me show that respect by living a life that demonstrates what is possible in building a new generation of downsized housing without built in obsolescence, toxins, or an amazing lack of personality and character like most suburb homes being built today, or the tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) that seem to be the rage without any due diligence as to the health of the inhabitants or their longevity.



Can you see the loft above the vending space, the VIP seating for the royalty at the Renaissance festivals, or the stars in the film and music film festivals. Imagine you are one of the judges in the contests at the antique car rallies, shows, or motorcycle events, perhaps even pick up trucks, the family car of Texas.

From a distance as we started you would not have seen much here, but a few weeks of a few hours each day or late at night, has produced the first examples of what soon will come to light.   It will be a place to visit, to come to settle down, to relax and think of other things in a very special town.  It is about the Matrix, the path to getting out, the Red pill or the Blue pill, and how we pick our route.  This is meant to be a venue where communing can create a community of people who will change our life and fate.  It is about the children who we can enrich and teach if we simply show them what could happen in a world that’s truly Free.

Please join in celebration of what we can do this day.  Come sing your songs and messages that help us move this way.  Present the films and videos that festivals allow, where others can thus feel your Love, and know there comes a Way.  Help create the paths and words that others may still need, to awaken to the Light with in that calls out to now be freed.  This is the place to meet at, to join in comrade, and perhaps make friends the old way, with the face of friends you see.


The stage is made to move back soon as the crowds grow and expand.  It is but one of several places where the groups can sing.

These are the bones of great past beauty, stacked to create a new forum for everything cool and created from the mind and imagination of the many who love the pieces of the past and the stories they still tell, the futuristic things to be created like the Steampunk imagination that makes the trash of the past into the beauty of the futuristic mind.

Please start sharing with your friends that a new place is manifesting from the imagination and gigantic stash of architectural antiques, vintage doors, windows, parts, and pieces that will amaze nearly anyone who comes to see it, sell in it, or be part of manifesting it.  When it is done, if that day ever comes on the 43 acres I started with, then I will likely be gone.  We are on a path that will go on in other places as this model manifests and morphs to be what each area in the country that awakens to the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, thus needing a Pure Salvage Outpost, just like the original in Salvage, Texas.

Want to know more?  Want to reserve your prime space and start talking about how we will make your dream space look in a market that will last long after the stories of your store are legends and we are gone.  Don’t just dream of that change, of how you will get rid of the collections of your favorite things that the kids and grandkids may not desire…  your space in Salvage awaits, and we will help you turn it into the barter, the solutions, or at least the best loved items that others buy and take away one day rather than see thrown in the dump.  Now is the time to downsize and this may be a way for many to have both, the chance to do the art, ceramics, writing, or other things they dreamt of all of their working lives.  Please allow me to open the door to the many possibilities instead of accepting what is going on as 72,000,000 baby boomers downsize and realize what is going on.

Here are some views of what one old guy, namely Darby, is able to create mostly alone and with minimal aid to lift any of the beams or parts and put them together in about 60 man hours without a helper to carry things up and down the ladder most of the time even.  What can we do to manifest our dreams faster than what others expect?  Don’t limit yourself to what others are limited to doing with their lives.  Break away and do the things that others won’t because only you with your passion and perseverance will be able to do the things you imagine are possible.  Trust me, no one said “Go for it, and let me put some money in to help you along”  but rather suggested often it was a crazy thing to waste time and money attempting to do in the place I wanted to do it, without a good business plan, enough capitalization, or for that matter any education in business.

I have heard it all from many as I made millions of dollars in my 30′ and  40’s being a contrarian and doing what no one else wanted to compete in, believe in, or work at.  The worst parts of East Austin  were my farm for houses in real estate when I began, in rehab, redevelopment, and then salvage materials I used to rehab the old houses, each leading into the next phase.  When it became clear no one had an enormous warehouse with building materials from the past when we had the best resources to create with, I went into manifesting one of the largest inventories in the USA and now I am demonstrating all of the wonderful things, houses, stores, villages, and much more… careers, opportunities for millions to start small businesses.  This will allow them to create more ways to manifest their freedoms, work doing what they love with the people they care most about, saving the treasures created by our ancestors with full respect for how they will be used to create a better world for the 7 generations that will follow us without having those treasured resources to build with unless we save them from the land fills now.  Instead, I propose we go forward by creating living landfills where we preserve the best before it gets trashed, and use it instead of imports, exported jobs, and the taking of more resources that further destroys the planet to make more of what we have plenty of already, building materials such as I use to manifest Tiny Texas Organic Houses, Cottages, Camping Convertible Houses that you will see in our seminar on the “Loopholer Cottage” that will enable people to get around most of the restrictions of the downsizing, homesteading, organic off grid.


Okay folks, that is all I have for you this beautiful day in Texas.  Looking forward to our private party at Salvage, members only, for the test launch of more of the components, from lighting and sound systems to the spaces that people will see them in are all being manifested for your visit in the months ahead.  Please share and start planning now to be a part of the Legend of Salvage, Texas.