Savor The Day.

We welcome a Journal for Salvage Artists Worldwide. is a new website journal (totally unafiliated with my business interests or participation besides the interview there in) for sustainable living in the realm of artists who make a contribution to the concept of Loving our Earth by living the life it takes for it to flourish.

Please visit and read the feature article, an interview of Brad Kittel, creator of Tiny Texas houses, Discovery Architectural Antiques, and much more over the decades. What does it take to make million$ off from salvage and learn how to create houses and villages for all who need them out of the treasures of the past? Read the interview and see how I went from eating out of dumpsters to making millions of dollars and I found out I did not need it to be happy.

Happy New Year 2019

A year of Hope, successful empowerment, and growth.

A new online journal: that aspires to share the sustainable salvage art concepts, of living simpler, and expressing through our art, solutions we can all benefit from for the rest of our lives. Art can be a path to empowerment, hOMes, and much more.

Imagine if you might, though it may seem quite a fright, Awakening might also bring Awareness of our Hair. Imagine if you will, why throughout the past we see, the wise men and the women had long locks from sea to sea? Imagine if you might my friends, As beards come back you’ll see, that long locks lead to many things beyond our normal frocks. Haha, Wii See so much and glow, the currents are so strong, that when you ground with Mother Earth, Enlightenment is found. Glow with me! Know with me. Age has its signs, but to run from the benefits, that seems just blind.

May you be inspired to create a hOMe this year from the salvage you may find for free. Pure Salvage Living is a path for many who seek to break free of the matrix and live an artistic simpler life where health, family, and creating functional art is a way of life.


Love to create, create to show your love of our planet, friends, and for sake of art as a path to solutions too.

Please share and come visit Salvage, Texas to spend a night or two, heal from the city life, and share a romantic weekend walking in the mud caves, woods, and along Endless Creek. Sustainable living can be a paradise too.