People Could Create Small Compounds Of Houses That Are Built By A Group Of People Rather Than A Factory.  They Could Build Houses They Could Never Have Otherwise, Open The Doors To Careers They Might Never Have If Not For This Chance.  Share If You Care.

What are the many benefits of the 60 Charter Membership Shares in the 1st Pure Salvage Living Co-op? 7 pledges already 53 Shares left 6 days into the offer.

What will it take for most Americans who want to downsize into a high quality built sustainable toxin free Organic Cottage that will last you for the rest of your life if you take care of it?  Do you have the $50,000 to $150,000 in the bank to buy one with?  Most people do not and the financing for such a Dream Cottage does not exist unless you use the modern toxic building materials to build the equivalent of tiny mobile homes on trailers you can pull with a big pickup truck.  So how will you ever get into a situation where you can have a house one day that you can afford?  I suspect for many, you will be looking at alternatives to conventional housing, thus loans, and places to put your house once you get it built.

This is the time for all who want to break away from the matrix and help build a new path to freedom.

As it turns out these days, if you don’t want at least a 2,000 sf then you can not build in most new subdivisions, towns, or cities across the country.  Sustainable off-grid housing is in-fact outlawed in many cities as they do not want to lose the income from utilities and want to be sure you pay lots of property taxes so tiny organic cottages that do not use all new building materials are nearly impossible to get into the cities.

One of the possible futures in our ever-changing world is that the markets and the houses will encourage even more. To this end, I would like to see some others come and share, by building on the vision with a piece that can be yours.

That is the foundation of our new evolution into the paradigm of sustainable housing that will not kill the occupants with outgassing from chemicals used to create the many parts of new houses.  By helping in the creation of the PSO network (Pure Salvage Outposts) that will form a Co-op that stretches nationally so people can harvest salvage in one territory and ship it to other outposts where it will be more valuable to market it.  For now, those who salvage are forced to market the booty in areas where there is so much of it that it does not have as great a value as it would in areas where housing is booming, and there are no salvage mines to pull from.  We can join these areas together and thus let people in one area who can do the Salvage Mining be able to max out their rewards by shipping to where it can be used quickly.  The Salvage Builders can then concentrate on building houses for those who need housing most.

To do this we need to establish the model, the first site to open where people can come to build a house and ship it to a place they can live in it, and possibly become part of the Co-op where you can make a good living doing what you love.

I can only be thankful for the many gifts I have been given thus far and the opportunity to have given what I have thus fare to grow this dream into a part of our social fabric in housing concepts and options.
My goal is to make it possible for others to find the happiness I have found in sustainable living.

Check out the details for becoming a member of the 1st Co-op of its kind.

Thanks again for checking out what is going on.  We have 7 pledges to be members at $10,000 each so far and I am hoping we will see the numbers grow with more of the incredible people that have shown interest and may soon play a part in growing the PSO that will change the way America builds Tiny Houses and Organic Cottages.



Thank you for your support and sharing with those who might benefit, but also might help build hundreds of houses from salvage for others as a career too.