Gifts Like This That You Can Not Imagine Are All Around The World.  In The Song Of Salvage For The El Campo Expedition You Will Hear The Music Filled With Hammers, Crashing Walls, And Women Beating On Wood As We Took This House Down In 8 Days.

What can happen if you Fail? No matter what it is, you will succeed at something! Adam Did! Rip

Never Stop Believing in Your Self, the Spirit within the body, the vessel you drive through this life.  You are not a Ford because you drive a Ford brand car.  YOU are the driver within who holds the power to steer the path for your body in this lifetime.

I started off as a kid wanting to be a writer, which I think I defined as one who would write books that eventually we would call literature.  I went to college to learn what that was, what made some writing so special and other burned, forgotten, or hidden for centuries?  This life is indeed a story of that sort, for it includes the lessons of learning who and how we can touch each other to express our energy of Spirit… of Soul through our vessel, our incarnated body that is called our Vessel in the scriptures and texts through out the history of all the lands.  In that light, this story has been cast long before I was born and I am but the messenger who tells of Darby Lettick and the life he lived while he was on this planet as well as after he was gone.

There is a story about a child’s life that begins as he attempts to leave life behind at an early age. His failure and why he came back is what makes this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance possible.  Many decades later he has nearly reached the point of completing what once seemed like an impossible achievement in one lifetime. The path included Tiny Texas Houses and now, Salvage, Texas.

Do we really see our selves in the mirror? When you look close into your own eyes, deep into the Being there within… Do You See Your “Self” and Love It Unconditionally?

Indeed, through many trials and tragic turns, just to get to the land known as Texas, and thereafter, 33 years of preparation, to become the Shaman of Salvage is ready to share with the next generation of stewards for our world, the “How To: get free of the matrix of debt slavery and on with living a creatively, free with a life of love, family, manifestation, and peaceful co-existence possible and part of the paradise we can create if we Unite.

Salvage, Texas is a Cyber World Town that has yet to materialize into a form that will be considered legitimate to map into the real world records.  We are not concerned, in fact, not in a rush at all but enjoying not being able to be found except by those who know of us first or happen to drive by, but you only get to come to our world by invitation or appointment for there is too much happening for the outside world to bump into and mess up before its time to see the shows.  In the meantime, learn how this town of 95% Pure Salvage came to exist.

This is about all things that can be done with salvaged materials to prove that sustainable building is possible, and thus saving the resources of our planet for the 7 generations that follow and reducing the pollution today.  We do not know how long we will be here but we do know there are things we can do with our energy while we are here that can change the lives of others for the better or the worse.  Let us please focus on what we can all unite together to do to make life better for the millions who will  need help, for we will all need help if we are to survive these catastrophes as a peaceful and prosperous society when it is over.  My message of of Hope, Empowerment through practical realistic paths to housing the ones you love and protecting them so that you can reconstruct a new world to live in that will not resemble your last one during this lifetime, so let us get to making something better out of the treasures we have left behind.  Our lives, our loved ones if we have them.  Our pets, friends, and dreams for those impacted is a blessing for some, but in the coming months the full impact of these many challenges will take a toll and the positive people who can help lead the shocked until they awaken and recover from their wounds, may the Source of the Energy it will take to perform miracles be with you all.

Music Credits to:

Adam Kittel RIP for Music, playing the instruments, engineering on a home studio and desktop in the early days of 2008,

He recorded it, created the music, harmonicas and all, and gifted it to the world as his only song to ever be heard around the world over and again.  He sang it until the end, Feb. 2?, 2011, RIP Paris, France.

He also sang the words I wrote in an epic poem, very true to their origin, with the chorus and talent for making it musical solely my son’s.  I honor that version of the Song of Salvage and may one day learn to play music and finish some of the other poems, the rest of the songs of Salvage and Wub.  Adam Brad Kittel, and Brad Kittel both moved on that year.

Darby, the young boy in a Quantum Story I began 37 years ago after not dying as I believed I would by 25 years old.  The boy you see who came to Texas not much older than I now feel, than Adam was when he left and would be now.  His birth was 31 years ago for me, as he would be 31 years old now, half way through my life at 62, he was born.  What I learned since he died has been far more than all I had known to be true in life before.  He left me this song.

Once upon a time a young boy came to Texas at 29 years old.

He lived the life I could not and traveled as a minstrel on adventures I would have loved to have taken at his age, and sadly, never returned whole, but as cremated ashes in a canister the Security for the airplane has to finger through and sniff to check for bombs, before I could bring him home.

His music never was heard before he passed away for I could not learn how to edit video, music, and pictures then.  I learned so many things, became so much more of a human Being through the sorrow and the pain of premonitions long ago coming true and turning into the book I wrote, so long ago.  How can we write of what we do not know for sure can be possible, of things that seem impossible being a daily part of life?

Only by opening our minds to change and reforming our identity, body, mind, spirit, and home.  We can manifest miracles once empowered with the light of hope within, the passion and the means to make miracles happen for those you Love and cherish.

If you spend the energy you did on having things and instead contributed to rebuilding, to communing with others to form a new unity of purpose, you could help change the way we rebuild after such horror and loss come at us without measure.

I lost most of my wealth in divorce so I could leave it to my son too, I lost my identity as a businessman who worked a 80+ hour week for decades to create a legacy to leave my son.  I lost the love story I had fantasied for only after learning she was pure fantasy.  From that I found a new path and it has been the one I started on but lost my way and left so very long ago.  I am back now and ready to go again for another 33 years.  Thank you Thank you, Thank you.  Live in Gratitude and Love the Synchronicity that comes with this life lived good.

Life teaches us best through the hard knocks we survive.  I ate out of garbage cans and dumpsters to survive at 25 with a college degree, 3.66 GPA having thought it would bring me success. Instead  I could not get a job for my over qualifications stopped me.  I started working at 12 years old and paid for my own clothes. Left home 3 days after getting my High School diploma on a 10 speed with $4 in my pocket and rebellion in my heart.  I never looked back and seldom saw my parents or family again.

Sometimes we need to create a new family to love before we understand it is Wii, the consciousness of all the beings working together, not divided, that will solve this whole issue on our planet.

NO MONEY FOR WAR!  We as a World of United Beings, not divided by war, but working together, can make this possible given the challenges that will require all the cream of the planets most brilliant beings, spiritual beings, Human and from other places beyond our planet, for us to survive and be included in the InterCosmic WUB Society.  Indeed we can laugh of these fantasies for they are only in a book written decades ago by a boy names Darby.  No harm no danger in a fantastic story that could not possibly be based in this reality for all the amazing twist and turns, near death but for the Guardians that somehow changed the course of things that came instead of death each time.  Read and wonder was it real, but when you meet Darby, if you ever do, you will know it happened just as he told these witnesses, the biographer, and perhaps you may have even been one of the thousands who’s path he crossed while he was here.

The final edition of the Book of Wibblry and Wub does not get published until 2028, but for your pleasure in the meantime we will quote excerpts we receive from Darby through the Ark of Wub where he returns now and then to share what comes ahead.  We print these excerpts with his permission and hope that you will forgive the grammatical errors or terminology that is out of phase with the time this may be getting presented to the world.  Sadly, the book of Wibblry and Wub has yet to be fully formed though we do what it will hold, for the most part we believe at least, and hope that you will follow us through the storms to see if what Darby has sent back to us from the far side of this passage through the darkness to the new Light.

If only that could happen, if only we could direct it to save the best of our planet and to respect all we can save from the past before the chance to replace it is gone.  We can rebuild without destroying what is left, but we have yet to see what is left.  May your treasures most dear, not things but lives themselves, survive and thrive when it is over, how ever long that takes.

Darby writes to say:  “I call from the future, 30 years from now, when no trees as tall as that will still exist.  I beckon from the future with the heart for what is lost and call to ask please give these songs a chance.”

A character who changes as the looks are merely moments in the ever changing form we take through life as we go on. The masks we wear as we may change are nothing but a view of the facets of our outer shell to play with as we choose. Such fun I have had with the many lives of Brad, Darby, and other personas I have played as both. Father, son, Lover, and more. Incarnated Life if great!

Darby Lettick  helping channel Wii  (The consciousness shared by the beings who believe in WUB on this Planet, both inside and out.  It is the ultimate link to the positive side of an Electric Universe that allows us to affect matter itself with our consciousness.  We are composed of Mother Earth and the energies that rule the future of all life on the planet is only partially ours to decide.  We we will have our greatest power come from within, as has been proclaimed by many a True Prophet but you must believe in yourself to be the force that manifests the destiny you are being gifted to not only foresee, but to help manifest.  Listen to your instincts to do the right things in these trying times and you will be rewarded many times over.  Consciousness, ours united, not divided, has been proven to enable changes to all things miraculously defying all scientific explanation in the past.  Now we know it is indeed the DNA computers that will rule when the final song is sung.  We are those manufacturing dynamos that can create the power from within to literally affect the Quantum computing power of any AI in existence if we are of a common Heart, indeed though, wars will be fought before the battle is done.

Victory is survival for now, with Unity through out, Community will result and what will appear like cults for their unique solutions will become cultures from their successfully breaking out of the box of our past.  The mass media is going to have a hard time selling shit when the people want food for the mind and spirit that will fuel them forward with hope, not FEAR!

No fear because of age my friends, our wits will keep us safe. No fear because of anything, our Spirit can survive. NO FEAR of anything my friends, for Truly you are here to learn to be the best you can to help us all stay Free.

Charge forward with what Human Energy without the money can do, and I have given you nearly all you need to see that what is possible is more than most people can imagine having, and they will be happy to live in Pure Salvage Houses that will keep them safe the rest of their lives instead of toxic sheetrock boxes that will make them sick and fall apart like cardboard in the rain.

Gifts like this that you can not imagine are all around the world. In the song of Salvage for the El Campo Expedition you will hear the music filled with hammers, crashing walls, and women beating on wood as we took this house down in 8 days.

Words for Song of Salvage by Brad Kittel

Who knows what happens when we pass over that can spell it out with words. It would be like trying to name the colors of a sunset as fast as they could change, and without the words to describe the beauty and intensity of what you see such that others might visualize it clearly. It can not be done!

The second version/ song is only half way played but created by Johnny B and the Apostles of Wub for my poem but with a much more professional creation, very talented boy nearly the same age, but able to create what I hope will swing the attention of the world this way.  We are ready for Salvage, Tx. to go online.  33 years after coming to Texas I will publish my book about the amazing power of Wub and what the small set of words of Wibblry can do to open up our path to places far beyond what Humans have believed was possible, until now.

Please join me as the rest of the story unfolds and we show how sometimes it can take a lifetime of trauma to prepare you to lead others out of trauma.  How to recreate yourself, life, home, and future is now within our reach for we are awakening for no lack of alternative.

My prayers are with all who leave as the weight of this becomes to much, but fear not, this ends sweetly no matter which way we leave, for life goes on eternal for those who live their Truth and serve to leave a better world, as well as other worlds that we may venture to.  We must respect other worlds as we will when finally entering Antarctica and know the whole planet deserves the same respect once it gets done cleansing itself and flips itself aright again.

Words by Darby Lettick  2028 passages

from the Book of Wibblry and Wub.

Copyrighted when finally completed in 2065

All rights belong to the public used unchanged and in the hopes that what is found and shared will help all that receive it freely.