The Time Has Come As The Horizon Meets The Sun On This Last Phase Of My Business Life.  Will There Be A Steward To Come Take This To The Next Level?

What else can I do? The pleas come in & I want to help… but Who? How? Where? & Why?

Many may be asking themselves if there is some way to help the many being battered by the storms and many disasters that have hit the world and continue since the Full Eclipse now just a bit over 40 days ago.  The calamities will be worsening so this is an important question to ask as we are either in the disaster or looking on with others in sympathy and helpless.  Our global problem is growing in size daily though as many more eruptions of volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricane type storms engulf our planet as it enters the next ice age, big or small, it is coming hard and fast.  If you had the solutions for many families, millions of people and all they had to do was come and do the work it would take to return and help create a new community of people united around what they can do to rebuild at a local level, without charity from people, government, or being pillaged by a system of rules and regulations that favor the global corporations and rich who are not to be found lest the profits to be had are large.  Helping others locally rebuild the towns and areas you live in is the fastest way to rebuilding our communities.  The elders working with the kids who still have bodies that function, though for the most part soft and not ready for real work, the kids of today have not even had a physical training course, let alone prepared for hard work in the heat of the day without AC.  How are we to survive, to Thrive, if we do not pull together and allow the wisdom of the elders, the knowledge they have on how to survive without electricity, cook, grow food, or many of the functions city folk have left behind two generations past.

So let us look at the options for most of our people in America, looking on or in the midst of the storms….

What can we do to help so many in need? Who, where, how, when, and what are hard to define when the events are so far away from us we can not imagine the Hell that has been created for many??? I can offer these things and thoughts to enable some to Thrive, though it will surely upset others as I don’t ignore the bad behavior that has left so many unprepared. If they do not wake up, no one or thing can help the people who want to go back into the matrix they knew. For many or most, it is gone.


In light of that I offer this letter that was sent to me this morning.  It is assuming that I have done nothing to prepare, have offered no help, no plan, and in realizing this can only be a form letter of sorts sent out by a caring human being, I must offer some thoughts that will be sobering but truthful, the only way I know how to communicate.

I realize the words I write will not set well with some yet help others hear a call to Wake Up and take control of the life they are living rather than let the circumstances steel your hope or passion away. We have many solutions but most will take some work.

We are at a Wake UP Call that will shake the very foundations of our society and others around the planet.  Some are trying to take advantage of this by not helping others in a strategic way that will wipe out parts of towns, cities, and before it is over, vast areas where people have been living for decades will be uninhabitable for decades.  Toxic chemicals, waste, and infra-structure in some cases will be cost prohibitive to correct and many will suffer upheaval of a sort they could not imagine.  Sadly too, may have been mesmerized by the Matrix, Big Pharma, and the ability to be distracted and pretend these sorts of tragedies could never come.  They are unprepared, and in need of so many things, from medicine, money, food, clothing, and all things to survive, yet have no life skills to offer in trade, no ability to build a home, plumb, electrify if the power were on, or do most of the things they need to have done to re-create the life they knew before.  We have created a helpless, out of condition, and totally dependent society that now has to rush to perform tasks they have no clue how to do…. namely survive on their wits, skills, and knowledge without a phone in hand, credit card, debit card, or home to rest in at the end of the day.  1 million cars were sunk and will not be back in service soon.  That means more than than many people are without transportation, as well as without a home.

This is the worst nightmare that most people can imagine.  Mosquitos, filth, no fast food, TV at night, warm beds, showers, refrigerator to raid, stove to cook on, …. it is endless the losses and no signs of gains in the near future.   For many the real problems are just setting in as the prescriptions run out on anti-depressants, some are going to go crazy, have strokes, fall into dementia, and suffer horrible withdrawals.  The hearts and minds of the people under stress take a beating that they are not prepared for and the depression from the lack of nutrients will be setting in soon for many who have not already fallen into that state.  For others, the loss of meds for hearts, blood pressure, and many other ills will be gone and no doctor around to verify prescriptions if there was the local pharmacy that would fill it, but no one has their Id, their access to discounts, and the means to even get to a store.  How will this pan out?

Prayers will take us a ways along the path that we must go, but I think we have to look before we rush to do the same as what we did again.

What can we do?  What can I do?  Who do we rush to help as we can not even access the areas where many are, let alone be safe as the crime, desperate acts, and panic to leave their Hell has changed the fabric of our society in areas that make it deadly to be there now.  I wish it were over and that the police, people, and the our nature would help us but there is not enough preparation or means in place to fulfill the needs for security in poor areas while the private security forces in elite neighborhoods moved through their areas armed and dangerous, deadly to looters of food, water, or the means to stay alive out of houses that have no one left living in them.  No jury trial or even accounting for the dead at this time as the media and even drones by the public are shut down so that we can not measure the extreme damage and what it will take to bring the lives so many knew back online.

Coming together we can build houses, create solutions, and a new unity in our community that can include everyone, for few are not affected by such calamities and storms.

Send money to all the celebrities, RED CROSS who has now been proven to be ripping off their own system and not delivering, in fact stealing and reselling to people, water and food.  The problem is the greed in the top where the salaries are $650,000 a year, not the volunteers who think they are working for good people.  The issue is the people who suffer from false non-profits, churches that siphon money from the masses to benefit the man and woman at the pulpit who will not sell the Bugatti to pay for helping people, nor leave his $10,000,000 mansion to feed the poor and helpless who need the money more.  They join the politicians who are outside the bubble of this doom and the elite who pay the security mercenaries to kill on site to protect their possessions in a house they only visit part of the year.  Sad times and I ask the question again…. How do we help?  Who do we trust?  How do we not get killed or crucified doing it?  Some have been robbed, beaten, and even nearly attacked by the very people who are supposed to be helping or being helped.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

We can share our knowledge, meld our skills, and become what we always wanted to be, now.


This is a time for solutions that are not in the normal tool box people leave home with in the morning, and few seem to know what to pack with them now to make it through the day, for they have nothing but their wits, skills, knowledge gained from spending their life preparing for such things as survival without the luxuries of daily life.  For that reason I am offering the path I think many could take, and doing what I can for those who will help themselves with what they gain, and then teach others how to create homes, a future, and solve these problems by building a new world out of the best parts we can salvage from the past.  Be it wood, windows, doors, flooring from above the flood line, and so much more… you can use it to salvage lives, build homes, and prepare for the winter coming fast on the heals of the decimation already experienced.  It will be a bad winter with worse storms ahead from the cold.  Please go for a tiny Organic Cottage that will take a beating instead of another Shitrock and plastic house that will never last your lifetime if you don’t want to do this over and again.

So with that said… Here is the letter I started with that drove this question into the forefront of my day.

Good morning,

I’m reaching out to organizations as I read plea after plea on Facebook of people who are homeless, living in tents, horse trailers in South Texas.

Your company could become world wide known for your innovative processes and ways to take items and make them in to home/businesses for others.
There are many materials available in these bad conditions that could be repurposed with enough volunteers and your expertise. Let’s do this!

I’m begging you to become involved and help join others in your industry to come up with solutions, even if temporary to get these people in living conditions other than tents, and under trees.

Using metal storage buildings, creating tiny homes on wheels. SOMETHING has to be done.

Please Please consider taking on this and creating a “Habitat for Humanity” type program to help these people.

You ask for volunteers we will come.. Just spearhead this idea and your connections and lets rock and roll.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Email that came in today

(Name with held to protect identity)

I realize this is a form letter at this point but I must ask:

How do I say this nicely?

Have you not read my blogs on my websites asking for people to come learn and return to teach others?  My offers of free training, materials, and plans for houses to those deserving and able to use the parts to create a career out of?  Have you not followed my pleas for the last 12 years and offers repeatedly to others to join me in this effort to prepare for this time?

Everyone has thought me crazy and still, no one comes to learn, given the offer of free camping, tents to stay in, a chance to do some work and learn, even barter their work for parts to build a tiny house with, yet no one offers to help pay for such, no one comes to learn though housing and food would be here, and no one does more than bitch about how bad it is, even in the midst of the storm themselves and able to come do this for a few weeks so as to change the course of their lives.  

Gifts like this that you can not imagine are all around the world. In the song of Salvage for the El Campo Expedition you will hear the music filled with hammers, crashing walls, and women beating on wood as we took this house down in 8 days.

Sometimes the visions we have of what is ahead give us the time to prepare for the battles ahead. The trials that we go through to get ready are the ones that insure we will win.
NO FEAR of anything my friends, for Truly you are here to learn to be the best you can to help others all stay Free and THRIVE.

So I have said what I mean, and some will think me uncaring for not feeling sorrier for those who did nothing to prepare for these times we must now go through to get to the millennium of Peace and Prosperity ahead. Thank you for sharing and possibly lighting up someone else’s world with hope and possibilities when they learn this can be done and how.

I am glad you are concerned, calling out to others to help, and if you get anything other than talk, let me know as I do have all the tools, materials, space, educational platform, plans, and solutions that will create millions of tiny family businesses that can work together on local levels and bring the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to life where it will do the most good.  Local people working to rebuild supported by others in places that were not damaged by the storms.  Many can thrive as they form a new life from the many new opportunities these disasters can bring.  People will be forced to get exercise they needed, lose the TV that crippled the families, and focus on helping others, caring for their loved ones, and appreciating the many luxuries that we all have taken for granted to become a fat, slothful society that is unable to handle a disaster, care about a neighbor, or help others when they can go home and watch a football game instead.
I do not know what to do, but if you figure out how to make the treasures I have ready create the impact that I dream they will, let me know what I am missing.  You and many others are welcome to help by coming and learning how others could become millionaires from salvage, as so many others have already.  You could be the one to tell others who need to know about these solutions being right at hand, not down the road.  You could be the one to give a little seed of Salvage that could grow into a house, a town, and a future for so many.  Will you even do that to help out?  You will be amazed how many will not even read this until the end to learn what they could do.  All you have to do is share with the right person and you could change their life by opening their minds to the many opportunities hidden right before everyone’s eye, disguised as Salvage in the form of old houses, buildings, and barns.  It is the last standing Virgin Forest in the world already harvested, cured, and awaiting no more than human energy to harvest it and build a quality of housing this country has not seen in decades.  Efficient, sustainable, durable enough to last a lifetime, all American made, and with a pride in craftsmanship that will help build up our Pride once more for what we can do with out minds, bodies, and Spirit instead of cheap imports and toxic building materials that will not last 15 years, let alone a lifetime.

When I built the first of the Tiny Texas Houses, it was a simple red cabin that told the tale of where I would start, and the journey since then has led to places I never dreamed of, and houses that will outlive me by far. Thank you for the chance to create from Salvage, a new life, happiness, and a healthy body I never dreamt I would possess.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is about more than just sustainable housing, it is about healthy living for us and the planet… together.

Few people have seen houses that can fly, and if they have, they will not tell you. Imagine what is impossible and figure out how to do it, as many have over and again, for then you are truly tapping your power to imagine outside the box, to be the first to run the mile under 4 minutes, a nobody until that moment when his belief in himself turned a black man into a legend. You can be a legend too.

I have cleared the woods to create a path many could follow to reach their dream of being Free to do the things they want to do and make the world a better place to live, instead of just work to pay the bills.

Not far from Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is the entrance to Palmetto Par, the San Marcos river though is only a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

Shaman of Salvage,
Darby Lettick
endorsed by
Brad Kittel
Tiny Texas Houses
creator, artist, Human