Imagine If You Might, 
Though It May Seem Quite A Fright, 
Awakening Might Also Bring 
Awareness Of Our Hair.

Imagine If You Will,
Why Throughout The Past We See,
The Wise Men And The Women
Had Long Locks From Sea To Sea?

Imagine If You Might My Friends, 
As Beards Come Back You'll See, 
That Long Locks Lead To Many Things
Beyond Our Normal Frocks.

Haha, Wii See So Much And Glow,
The Currents Are So Strong, 
That When You Ground With Mother Earth,
Enlightenment Is Found.

Glow With Me!
Know With Me.
Age Has Its Signs,
But To Run From The Benefits, 
That Seems Just Blind.

What If your Hair, especially your beard, was a computer data storage, cloud broadband receiving system?

Imagine if you might,
though it may seem a fright,
Awakening might also bring
Awareness of our Hair.

Imagine if you will,
why throughout the past we see,
the wise men and the women
had long locks from sea to sea?

Imagine if you might my friends,
As beards come back you’ll see,
that long locks lead to many things
beyond our normal frocks.

Haha, Wii See so much and glow,
the currents are so strong,
that when you ground with Mother Earth,
Enlightenment is found.

Glow with me!
Know with me.
Age has its signs,
but to run from the benefits,
that seems just blind.

My Home is Temple Tantra at the top of Endless Creek. Please join me for a tour of Tantra Village if you seek.

From Tantra pond the water flows to Endless Creek, where off it goes, to Walden Pond and other places, bringing green to all the spaces.

Meditate and pic your symbols, sacred beings lead the way. Do miracles and believe in your ability to tap the power of the One Source you might call your God, our energy of life.

Welcome to my braided days, not bearded free but built to stay.

Slow but sure, after rains, and much to do, we go onward into the fog to create tomorrow.

What Rainbows lead to many say will make you rich one day. I find them all about me but the ends are not steadfast. I have chased them with my car so fast that some would doubt my goal, but never have I caught one so I can not tell, still blind. But up into the sky I flew, where in the middle touched, I felt the magic of the Rainbow flowing in my blood.

Cooling off and re-energizing… envisioning things done, but as they’re not, I’m up like a shot and back to working too.

Dear Emily, the sweet 6th-grade girl below, handed out wishes to come true for the people who took the gifts she offered them with a smile, hope, and a charm that adults can rarely find in our own faces. She is a jewel and the age groups I work hardest to give hope to. Thank you thank you for the helpful young lady, others will know you for the moment you gifted them for the rest of their life.

How close to the shore of reality do you live? Can you dip your toes into the pond that seems so near, so clear, the liquid crystal resonating that only few can hear?

The view from Salvage, Texas is amazing all the time. Morning, noon, or after dark the sights are always seen.

If every hair linked you to the universal flow of ions, thus the energy of the aether… if each cell that records your life was held to refer to like bionic flash drives in elongated form, fueled by infrared energy which comes from the earth unfettered by wires or transmitters when Wii purify, optimize our operating system, firmware, and realize the capacity of the miraculous avatar Wii call our body? Upload new Lifeware, synchronize your Chakras, your internal batteries, and Light Up at Last with the filaments you manifest from what you eat, absorb through your lungs, skin, and eyes.
Realize the incredible Vessel Your ARE and treat this gift from birth to Wii leave our carnal form, help make this amazing planet better for all the Beings Wii Share it with, manifest as, and learn how to live and Love through Being each of them if Wii choose, for a lifetime, as Guardian Spirit, Friend, unconditionally.

My puppy and my own feet may find burrs and thorns about as we wander about barefoot feeling water, earth, and light.

Guard dogs waiting to protect the master she protects, Baby Dolls ferocious barks will scare the wolves away.

No one should be so cocky as to think their best alone, for without a hen and family you are chickenhawk bird bait in the end.

Peace be with the reflections of ourselves that we may see in others. I speak out in order to make others aware, because I care, not to make a profit from the wisdom I can share.

Once upon a time I had a little dream about a house upon a hill like none I’d ever seen. I set about to start that house when it became so clear that the chance to step this up a notch was coming very near. So in the last two weeks I thought up this one thing to do, and then I set about it with no one to help, it’s true.

Find in new Neurons,

Incredible health,

and know the real meaning

of True Earthly Wealth.


Darby Lettick

at Salvage, Tx

Creating a vision that once was a dream,

A Story once started,

now real so it seems.