What is the SalvageFaire Market?

It’s a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Year-Round Market for Members Only!

On our 42 acres in Luling, Texas, at the junction of I-80 and Interstate 10, we’re building the ultimate Vintage & Antiques Market, Farmer’s Market, Community Retreat and Eco-Building Learning Center all in one! Everything Recycled, Upcycled, Re-used, Re-Imagined, Handmade, Handcrafted, and Made in America! It will be a place to see, learn how, and become a part of a renaissance in Self Sufficiency, Life Skills, and a simpler more fulfilling lifestyle.

The SalvageFaire market will be nestled amongst our Tiny Texas Territories – acreage where folks will have the opportunity to rent, lease or own one of our Tiny Texas Houses in a true community setting. As in the markets of yore,SalvageFaire plays a crucial role in our community – offering folks a place to sell, barter or trade all manner of homemade, handcrafted and vintage goods, heirloom produce and animals, and organic foodstuffs – selected by us to be of good quality and not imported plastic junk or GMO laden franken-foods.

Think of it as the Renaissance Faire for today’s eco-friendly Artisans, holistic care givers for massage, acupuncture, and herbal oriented lifestyles, Craftspersons and Vintage Antique & Salvage Vendors. This space will allow us to create a central Entertainment area, plenty of parking, full bathhouse facilities, overnight and short-term RV rental & Overnight Camping spaces and more will be available. It’s a grand vision, and with your help, we’ll make it a reality in 2013!

We are opening the door for charter members of this first SalvageFaire to get long term lease options and cut their costs by participating in building their own creative and unique booths that will catch the eye of millions going down Interstate 10. The first vendors will have the choice spots along the parking lots and with the best frontage, traffic, and visibility. This is a rare opportunity with 18,000,000 people living within a two hour drive in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It is facing Interstate highway 10 and should generate many followers for decades to come.

Now is the chance to buy into a space, invest your energy to build with the biggest selection of cool salvaged materials anywhere, supplied by me for each site, plans must meet approval of course, and Eclectic is King. I have all the parts and pieces, thousands of square feet of tin for roofs over vending areas, lumber, ceramic tile, windows, and resources to supply those who want to be part of this with the means to make it happen. Let’s make the most incredible market in the USA, for the USA, so that we can prove it works and that it can be done over and again across this vast and incredible country.

This drawing shows SalvageFaire in the middle, Tiny Texas Houses at the top left which also houses the Pure Salvage Outpost, our giant retail outlet for all the things we use to build Tiny Texas Houses and much more that is too big to use on Tiny Houses.

We will be having a Grand Opening of that building as a retail store in October of 2012.

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Call for SalvageFaire Charter Vendors!
If you are interested in being a Vendor at SalvageFaire, check out this post for more info.

Be sur to add your company name to our list now so we can contact you when Vendor space availablity begins!