What is your plan for downsizing in the future?

If you do not have one, and can afford to live large without limitations, this is not for you. On the other hand, if paying property taxes, income taxes, fuel taxes, consumer taxes, and buying bad food at stores that do not really care about organic living… What is your Plan?

Many people do not have a plan of the moment, a course they would take if the world did not turn out for them when they retire as they expected. Would you feel the pinch of the loss of a social security check? The support of the government checks, insurance paying for the doctors, prescriptions, and other costs of surviving with a poorly performing machine, or human body as we like to think of ourselves? If your world of the “good life” hinges on the American Dream of having a big house (or 2), big cars, fridges, garages, yards, electric bills, taxes, insurance, phone, cable, credit card, fuel, and other costs of living large… Are you expecting to change that one day?

For those who do not have such things, just owning an organic cottage the size of 395 square feet with a sleeping loft above is a dream of independence, security, and would satisfy their needs, desires, and free them to do the things they have a passion for in life. That means being free to be with the people they love, like children and parents during the most valuable of times.

My other tiny cottages are here for guests to stay and learn why I love Salvage and will live here all my life.

To do this with the organic sustainable mentality that spirituality leads to when one becomes Awakened to the need to preserve our gifted resources, respect the labor of our ancestors, and care for the salvageable parts and pieces that will carry our history into our future in a positive way. The alternative is a landfill, burning buildings, and letting the treasure go untapped and replaced by toxic imported goods that waste the last of our global virgin resources and force the ecology to suffer for the momentary luxury of mankind which in turn just wants more.

In order to change the view of our future it is important to understand the problems of our present building methods, but also a solution set that will alter that course if some choose to take it. For them to choose, they must have examples of what is possible, for many can not visualize abstractly in their minds without videos, pictures, and plans to reconstruct rather than create from scratch. Once they have examples, some plans, and the wick of interest and passion is lit in a new generation, as well as those in the elders group with mature neurons blooming and creative juices flowing. We can change the way we build, live, operate as community, and contribute to the betterment of the world through the way we choose to live.

my hOMe is very tiny but not small in any way. Its full of timeless character, uniqueness that’s divine.
Mud caverns for the daring at heart without fear of being buried alive, hehe

While some would say this takes work and sacrifice, I say it is not “sacrifice” when it is your passion, it is not “work” when it is for the service of all you love. Our planet and people being One with the rest of life upon it, not above it all to destroy it without conscience for those who follow and suffer from the disrespect. We can do better and thus is Salvage, Texas growing from the parts and pieces of the past which will give homage to the elders alive and past who did so much without electricity but ingenuity instead.

Human energy, imagination, and community have made miracles happen because a few leaders can demonstrate what is possible and others will then go off and lead their communities to common higher standards, accomplishments, and thus quality of life. Please consider joining the Pure Salvage Living movement which is intended to carry forward the best of our past as we transition from a consumer society to a Thriving Society once again by educating, stimulating, and firing up all the imagination, free energy at our fingertips, and the Spiritual energy that fuels our bodies, linked through our minds and mindset to the future Peace and Prosperity possible on this planet if we focus on solutions instead of War.

Thank you for following the Pure Salvage Living evolution from Tiny Texas Houses and the Red Mascot to Salvage, Tx. and the Miracle Mountain Mascot that stands above the lands of central Texas as a beacon in the sky for why it is important to remember the value of the creative minds and artists worldwide.

Love to create, create to show your love of our planet, friends, and for sake of art as a path to solutions too.