Tang's Kitty-Cat View Of The Wonderful World Of Salvage, Texas Where I Paradise Is All Around.

What parts of Tiny Texas Houses, Tiny Texas Ware Houses, Inventories or lands of Salvage, Tx. interest you?


The business is made up of several components. The land, facility, to operate TTH (Tiny Texas Houses llc) in ($1.2 mil on tax rolls) and build is one aspect that will require the most money to cash out of and then the rest of this is small potatoes and can be paid off over a lifetime, or not if I die before it is paid off.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

From hardware dating back to the 1830’s to roofing tile, doors, windows, tubs and more… largest warehouse sale for architectural antiques and lumber in the USA.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

The second element is the TTWH LLC (Tiny Texas Ware Houses) operations that holds all the inventory/salvage materials ($3 mil approx) which is owned free and clear but also sits in other buildings which comprise another component of the real estate arm of it which I could hold onto if we found a way to bring enough cash in to nix the bank on the land part which includes the facility.

The business Pure Salvage Living llc is the retail arm of this and holds the intellectual rights to all the stuff and sells from the warehouses.

Salvage, Texas llc I will continue to play with and develop which is the rest of the land, except what I will perhaps sell on the western end of the property which is more commercial and I will not likely develop it.

Salvage, Texas, less than six miles from the entrance to us, is Palmetto Park, the San Marcos river a half mile away. See what you could be doing here too. While staying in one of our BnB Organic Cottages you can also take a walk through this paradise nearby known as Palmetto Park, but we have more nature walks and frisbee golf too.

BWK Holdings llc, which has all the real estate is really the entity that has to clear the debt so that I can then finance the inventory, parts of the land, materials for building with, etc. My needs after getting the debt off the land and facility are not much so the question becomes really, how much down to sell the business, or cash out, … but if the big picture is too much, how much does one want to take over?

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.


Tang’s Kitty-Cat view of the wonderful world of Salvage, Texas where I paradise is all around.

1020 N College St – Google Maps

It may take more than one entity to make it all work, but the money to pay for it all is sitting here, in inventory, merchandising, and so much that could yet be done, seminars, books, tapes, etc, but with others at the helm and me just chipping in what I can while doing other things too. Is that better?

I am working this out as we go hoping to get the right fit, or mix of people to make it possible as there are some from Dallas/FW area and others who can not relocate and yet want to grow this so I do believe the Co-op Outposts will be the path in the end. Please do let me know your thoughts as it helps to clarify and grow my solutions base as I try to figure this out.

With  a good chunk of change to cash out the banks, the rest is up to us to work out some terms that everyone will be happy with and all will be winners for the rest of our lives together.

Let me know if you have questions that I can answer that will help you figure out how to share and spread the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to a town near you.