From Up Above The Trees I Spy,
A Bit Of Beuty In The Sky,
And On The Ground The Village Grows,
I Hope With It,
You Too Will Know 
And Thus Be Thinking,
Then You'll Know,
This Is The Path
For You To Go.
Salvage, Texas From Miracle Mountain Cottage.

What will Wii see from the windows of Miracle Mountain Cottage? Anything you want to.

Our future lies in our hearts and minds, our bodies being the path to create it and our Spirit to fuel that manifestation we will call our legacy when we leave.

What is yours going to be?  Do you even care what will be said of you when you are gone?  Of the good deeds or the damage, you have wrought with your life hours incarnate?  Truly most are oblivious to our potential to alter the course of events in the world as if helpless to the destiny others predict or plan for us during our lifetime on Earth.

Sunset struck, it glistens like gold upon a mound of dirt so old, that is was dug up just for this, to show what could be made by flesh.

Each person faces different challenges and opportunities as we grow and learn, those who do not, expire without meaning or happiness in their life, without spiritual energy fueling their passions and giving them purpose instead of just drudgery and strife.

Hold up the sky,
hang on to the wall,
keep the ground from lifting,
Focus or you’ll fall.

Many people never come to understand it is the attitude we approach life with, communicate with, and respond to stimulus through in our daily life.  If we make each move out of a reaction out of Fear or Anger, we can only do harm to others and ourselves through each experience and nothing good comes of the interaction.  This is a hard concept to accept and look inward to search and see if you are indeed behaving on these core feelings and thus unable to respond calmly as much as slipping into the fight or flight mode.  This issue is a growing problem during interpersonal communications that are uncomfortable because they provoke you to think of having to change, be wrong about core beliefs, or face altering your behavior in radical ways.  Our society is developing a tendency to shut down discourse, to halt dialogue due to the demagoguery of a few who believe, not based on facts but a fractured logic that uses hate, fear, and anger to incite a following rather than Love, Unity, Service to the Community, Honoring and Respecting the rights of all Beings, and other such universally known behaviors we refer to as Peaceful.

In a crazy age where the TV and mass media have now raised three generations to think in terms of having things, consuming drugs, chemicals, poison food, and much more based on advertising in ways that the public can not defend itself against anymore.  Their willpower has been overcome by multiple addictions to sugars, additives, and toxins that have destroyed their ability to think clearly, alter their behaviors, and get healthy again without using the proverbial “Easy Pill” instead of doing the practice it takes to maintain the incredible bio-computer we call our body.  Honor thy vessel, the one you occupy while here on the planet in a way that you would if you want it to last for a century or two, and it can if you Believe, achieve, and perceive in the Light that comes from within you instead of those emanating from a monitor or pulpit.

How many corners,
how many walls,
Is there a normal?
What is the cause?
It’s all in perspective,
if it’s beautiful or flawed.
Paradise is in the mind.
How high you go before you find.
Your path may be too hard to see,
Unless you rise up high like me.


It is up to Us, that is the “Wii of the World”, not the “we” of a country, a town, or city.  Wii are the mass consciousness of the planet that affects all things around us each day.  United in purpose and heart, Wii can manifest what would be considered miracles in a world we have been taught to believe is real, when in fact it is a storyline fed to us in schools, churches, and through governments that do not want to empower but to control the masses.  Wii are the masses, the 99% of the world that pays for the decisions and elite living of a few, and Wii will be the people who must join together to see Peace a reality around the planet once the hard times that will force wars upon nations are over.  United we can limit the destruction and pain of the food shortages, the water shortages, and the migrations that will follow as we try to integrate the peoples of the world toward common causes, not mutual annihilation.

Is it what we do in life, or the reflection of what we do that is important to us. If Wii do not take action to create the mound, to form the ponds, to manifest the hOMe Wii wish to see this Planet become, Wii must Unite together as the Beings who are stewarding our resources and piloting our course to Peace.

It is through Salvaging the past Wii all have, the experience, wisdom, and resources at our fingertips that Wii can rebuild the world with One Common Primary Goal:  Peaceful co-existence with all the Beings on Mother Earth, not just humans in our geographical area.  Wii are a people of many forms, but also a population on the planet of other sentient beings like whales, gorillas, dogs, and cats, that also deserve respect.  I believe that with that understanding, Love can lead us to do the right things where anger and fear will lead us to greed and controls that cost society its ability to survive.  WUB is an Intercosmic Society that spans other dimensions, times, and space as a vehicle to give verbal definition to a concept so basic it needs few letters to define it.  The energy of Soul, the essence of life and matter is called many things, Prana, Chi, Source, and ultimately, a miraculous Aether that Wii can manifest Miracles within what seems like no time at all.  Time is fluid, for it passes differently depending on your state of mind, the events at hand, and the memory we view it with.  Our body interprets the date, translates to the mind, which sends it on to the Spirit which Wii all share in common for it is all Aether, used to create both the good and evil of Our Reality or Matrix as some would know it to be.

July 9th, nothing was atop the hill,
then I started on a simple project and it grew,
like my imagination,
the organic nature of its evolution is the fun, the journey to the end I do not see before I begin, with no plans, and only 3 tools, this manifests before your eyes in a couple of weeks with mostly must me to do it. I am loving every day. How about You?

If You want to Achieve the highest of your dreams and goals, expect the hardships to be ahead which will make the challenges worth take the effort you must have to meet the demands Wii have before us to succeed in shaping the future of a planet.  There are Awakened Beings who are growing their power, the Light they can bring into this world, and thus manifest the miracles Wii will need to alter the course planned by a few who do not want the same conclusion to this Era that I have come to help create.  It is a new way of seeing the future that empowers, not imprisons the Human Spiritual Consciousness which is the foundation of Hope, Passion, and Love for the Planet that is instinctual but overridden by marketing and lies told by those with the power to do as much good as they do bad now.  It will take the masses, not the few who are seduced by their weaknesses and temptations rather than their desire to give service to Humanity and a Peaceful Co-Existence on Earth and other places Wii will be invited to go once Wii learn to behave as a species.

No one in the Cosmos wants another megalomaniac in charge of the reality we live in as there are far too many already.  Our job, as Spirits who volunteered to spend a life cleaning up this mess, is here now and our Awakening from the period of challenges that made us strong or weaned out the Weakest of the Warriors that came to Win this round on Earth.  Wii are One, Awakened, and in the process of reaching full Enlightenment, will soon be able to join together, a mere 10% of the planet being enough to launch us into a Plasma Energy state of consciousness that will allow us to clear the way for anything we want to happen once we have united and eliminated the Power Structures built on war, suffering, and solely for the benefit of the few over the many, a middle road is possible, and Wii are here to build it.

I say hi to those who can see me, and even those who don’t, for the truth is in my seedling, there is much to see you won’t. But it you should see more than most, to let my seeds be sown, you might just see a better life, once these dreams for you… are born.

Who are the Wii, anonymous in many ways, Wubbers have no nationality, no planet, no origin but Spiritual, and thus we realize the rules are what we make them as Wii turn suffering into opportunity and Awakening into empowerment.  You are the People who will make a difference by the way you live each day.  Honor thy vessel so that no one else has taken their life hours to care for the body you trashed while occupying it and thus create a Hell on Earth, the only place it really exists.  Your perception and daily acts, your thoughts inside the head will determine if you find Heaven or Hell on Earth, in spite of the worst beginnings, understand you are challenged most who must do the most with this body later in life.  Give 100% of yourself to your passions and Loves, to your Hope for the betterment of Mankind, our communities, and the world will give you gifts you can not yet imagine.  If you only use people to gain wealth, control, power, or for you mere pleasure and then cast them aside, you are not part of the Wii, but the problem that has given cause to why Wii are joining together.  No single person can dismantle the Matrix created by people who do not care for the masses but use them for their pleasure, gain, and profit.   It takes the masses who really have the power, the ability to not pull triggers, push buttons, and operate drones in the way they are intended, usually killing innocents far more than the enemy we manifest from country to country.

Some days we must be thankful for the great gifts of each day.

As you see Miracle Cottage grow in a week upon a mound that once did not exist, and from the waste, the trash, the land that was desolate can spring a paradise if Wii chose to take action instead of just gripe about the problems we face.  Please join me as I assemble another symbol of House Art that makes a statement about what Wii can do with Human Energy, Imagination, and Spirit driving us in positive ways.  From nothingness can come miraculous solutions, like water, life is in what you do with the energy, the resource, and wasting it is poor stewardship of gifts that are intended to last for eternity… the lessons of life that Wii as Spirits come to Mother Earth to learn.  From clay and water, from bug, bacteria, viruses, and food… Wii all create the bodies that we will get to experience this period of change with, and perhaps even be a part of manifesting instead of swept up by the floods of change ahead, and bashed into oblivion by the waves of destruction that are as cyclical as the day and night, but on much longer cycles.

I reflect upon the things I create, I hope they are to demonstrate, and by example others see,
it can be done by more than Me.

Mother Earth is growing as the Cosmic Energy blasts us with our shields down, the magnetosphere suffering low power but the chance for us, yes Humans as well as all Beings on the planet to step up our game, morph into the amazing Light Beings we can become so as to manifest the Millenium of Peace and Prosperity promised by the many scriptures, the stories of the cycles of the past that will most likely repeat themselves again.  Let us join as a World of United Beings to make that happen.


Darby Lettick

The time to wait is over,

the time to act is here!

Will you become a Wubber,

or wash away with Tears.

Fable is helping decide too.

Here is the crew that helped float the Ark to its new resting spot where you will be able to come and spend the night with the frogs at the edge of Walden Pond.