What If The Big Prize Were An Organic Cottage For You?  What Would You Do?

What would you do if they gave it to you?

Yes, my first organic Tiny Texas Cottage adorns the best book ever written on great tiny spaces to live in from all around the world. This book was created by one of my heroes in the sustainable organic building and publishing world: Lloyd Kahn… unmatched elder who is an example to follow still. Brad Gi
Got a plan for your turn to downsizing? Here is a set of plans in fact, and some pictures of a past creations and the plans used to create it. Whoopee its free… from the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance family.
Compliments of 
Darby Lettick

What can you do with an old house that is given to you in return for taking it away? Would you be willing to live a simpler lifestyle to support import free, toxin free, sustainable living with a house that could last the rest of your life, and go with you one day if you choose to change the village you live in, or sell it to, leave it as an heirloom Art Piece your loved ones can live in too. 

What do we do for the millions who have no home, no place of refuge from the storms, the cold, the heat, or the world that has grown too heavy to bear the weight off after 6 decades of life working? If it is time to rest and recover, get younger and chase your passions once considered lost, then take action, get your traction, and make a difference by grounding and moving forward rather than just spin your wheels each month and go backward. Deeper in debt, maintenance, taxes, insurance, medical bills from not taking care of your body, your temple granted to you for making heaven or hell of this life on Earth.

I have posted so many delicious pictures of the plates I have prepared, dreams for you within your reach if seeds could grow, you learn. Here are the simple plans once used to build this simple home that wandered off into the woods where a man could be alone. It offers you some options of what you too could do, but everyone hOMe is different and there is one just for you. But you must make decisions. To leave behind the bull, the crap the piles up all around as if it makes you full. But appetite to keep to much and pay to store it all is breaking many people of the savings they once had.

To start young families who “CAn Do!”.
Honest folks like me and you who want to have a business that will feed and house the kids. A way to work in unison to have a life so free that you can still stay together and enjoy your lives to Be. 
We could provide the windows, the doors, and so much more if they could put it together then the houses could be sold. We then would get our fronted portion of the parts it takes to make a space to house a loved one or your very special place. If you need help to assemble and it makes good sense to you, send some people to learn how and in a few weeks build for you. What do you want when you are ready to downsize your life? Have you thought of living simple but looks at the offered space and realized the toxic boxes offered in the race… by sellers making profits without thinking of your health.
Join me in promoting a new path to shrink yet build a safe organic place to live, a healthy space to give your life to grow once more, to Live.
If you want to build this one, here are the plans we used, but simpler is possible if you do not have to move. The fancy folding parts on this are seldom seen but fun, not needed but still showing you how we can still have fun. 
Thanks for sharing plans and dreams that some will use and build the paradise they dream of, the place they want to live. It’s free to give you sparks to light the candle of your heart if the passions lead to you soon find a hOMe where you can live.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your reading on so long, what looks like simple paragraphs is actually a song. It is the tune of Salvage, may it ring throughout your head. Images and dreams to grow, ignite your friends instead. It matters not what you may do with the trove of pictures here, so long as you remember that the message is most clear. 

Use your time, create your rhyme, please tell your tale true, and if you manifest your dreams, please share with others too. If Salvage brings salvation than I leave it up to you. 
Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is an ideology that pays for all who join by freeing them to assets given freely to their cause. More millionaires are made from salvaging so many things that I can not help but wonder why more do not want to sing. This “Song of Salvage” you can sing, or live it if you will, and thus you can make heaven from the trash others freely give. Use it, grow it into houses, villages, and homes… a life lived free of toxins, of imports, even debt is you like free. Please take a single moment, consider if you will, and when you think of what to do, I hope this brings a thrill.

Darby Lettick

Before I was truly brought into incarnation, while in body but not connected to my spirit well, not grounded so I could get traction, not just action, there came a fantasy that turned out to be a dream that soon was gone. Is it not the dreams that drive us, or the want for what we dream? Is it fantasy, reality, that calls us in between?
Be careful what you wish for if you do not understand that there is much more to what you get than what you think you see. Spirit is not visible, nor are the lies, the Truth… but what you do with what you see, well that is what will Be.
Live your life by giving love, to all that you may meet, full knowing that some don’t have what you think we all receive. Affection helps to make us stronger, sharing while we can, to build the best for those we love, to savor every day. Please join and share the path you find that makes life good for you, for that is all I get from giving this sweet gift to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you… for those who may yet find that this path through Salvage brings to them the things they find most dear.

Darby Lettick

What can one woman do that 5 men can not, besides win my heart, many things, including move it, break it, and teach me things that would never go away. I have forgotten the names of these men, but never the fantasy this woman created, though woven with lies, it transformed my world.
may she rest in peace. Bryl 2016