A Butterfly?  Darby Invites You To The Living Estate Sale For Brad Kittel So That He May Rest In Peace.  Now Comes Your Chance To Acquire The Memorabilia, Stashes Of Architectural Antiques, And Doors He Collected Over The Last 30+ Years... And Cheaper Than Nearly Anywhere You Could Go.

When a Caterpillar enters the Cocoon a Butterfly leaves.. nothing to grieve.

After a Caterpillar creates a cocoon and seals itself in they dissolve and reform as a butterfly, leave the past incarnation behind, and enter a new life. Such is the path of Brad Kittel who has entered the cocoon 6 years ago and is now set to emerge upon a journey after his transformation that is now coming to fruition. With the parting of the cocoon comes a short period of stretching and flexing to fill the newly formed wings with the juice of life, and soon after, is the re-birth complete and procreation enabled. As humans we can do this several times during a lifetime, each time growing more amazing than we were as a caterpillar, or a butterfly, indeed the potential for metamorphosis as we age is amazing.

Brad above the TTH facility where some 80+ Tiny Texas Houses have now been manifested.

Thank you for joining us in exploring the possibilities for empowerment through the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Thank you for sharing the seeds for change and saving the gifts at our fingertips that will enrich the world for centuries to come.

When my dearest and only son Adam Brad Kittel drowned in Paris, France, I was re-Awakened to my purpose. It was not just to build the Tiny Texas Houses but to find a way to give back Hope to those who saw none.

That said, the time has come to leave behind the cocoon through which I came to be who I am now, and within it will remain the essence of Brad Kittel, the caterpillar form of who I was must be left behind for the weight of the cocoon and parts not needed can not be carried forward into the life that lay ahead.

Yes, we are taking down these 100+ year old cotton industry barns for all of the wood. Imagine, nearly 100,000 bf of lumber waiting to become lots of new structures in the future. Life goes on and on with salvage.

Here is a less rounded view of a portion of the warehouses.

In line with my theme of downsizing comes that of Brad on a grand scale. As I have told others, so shall I do the same at last, and simplify to a scale on inventory for personal projects which most would think insanely huge, but it will only be 1/10th of what Brad has accumulated in the last 30 years starting with the Discovery Investments real estate brokerage business that also redeveloped an area known as the 78722 zip code in East Austin, as well as vast inventory from the Discovery Architectural Antiques business he then created that was the largest in the USA at its peak, and finally inventories collected to create Tiny Texas Houses that have become known around the world for their 95% Salvage Materials and toxin free interior ethos.

The early prototypes will remain as part of the growing Bed and Breakfast operation intended to provide a place for people to stay in so as to understand and feel the benefits of living organically in every way. Hopefully interns will be learning how to do this in the future and taking the seeds of this knowledge and growing them in the places they come from around the world. The new examples will be added to the collection and those who help create them will always be able to come back and stay in them or send friends to experience the Awakening that this sort of lifestyle can bring.

Alas, Brad’s is a story that is complete enough to close the book on now and move upward to the next level, as a butterfly that is free to leave the ground and soar to create at heights it could never imagine when attached to the Earths surface. Such are these treasures that in spite of their value, the weight of responsibility that comes with stewarding them can cost more life hours than most have to give, and over time, the price to do so becomes more significant, as life hours remaining dwindle to less that we have lived and left behind us.

That said, 80,000 sf of doors, windows, flooring, lumber, trim, tubs, sinks, and so much more will be sold over the next 10 months so that we can put the estate of Brad Kittel to Rest In Peace by getting them into the hands of those who will steward them for the next few decades as they are used up to make hundreds of Organic Houses sustainably. This is being done to further the end goals behind the life of Brad and is proffered as a means by which we believe the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance can be seeded around the country and thence morph into what it will need to be develop in different weather and social zones. Empowerment can take many forms in this industry, from the hunting, brokering, mining, building, and sales of the many products, the warehousing, the organizational people, and teachers….. so much can be created out of the salvage we can reap at our fingertips.

As Darby I will be freed up from the business life that has consumed 80-100 life hours a week for 30 years, constantly draining life force to support payroll, taxes, insurance, interest, and the cost of reporting it all to the government under threat of strict penalty. Once eliminated I can attend to writing the books on the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance, attempting to share with others what I have learned from the research and development of houses that are energy efficient, portable, and respect the lives that will live in them for the next century as well as the ancestors that created all of the parts more than a century or two ago. This I am devoted to as a concept I tagged the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance which I feel compelled to share, for it is but a small part of the bigger story, the one I came to Texas to write more than 30 years ago. For that, I will need to take a sabbatical that could last the rest of my new life as a butterfly, unique, free, and hopefully able to live to see the fruits of these decades of labor be able to feed millions in the future. To see that I must fly much higher than ever before and soar where I can write with smoke in the sky and few will be able to resist looking at the message that could seed the minds of millions so that the Gardens of Eden can flourish again for the generations to come.

To that end, When we were children this was science fiction and Dick Tracy was a cartoon world that no one believed would one day be commonplace. We have been given a great time slot to experience and I for one and thrilled and thankful everyday for the life that I have been gifted with.

Please share this with those who have been following the life of Brad Kittel over the last few decades.

to wit:

I have begun the Living Estate Sale for Brad Kittel and plan on liquidating 80,000 sf of warehouses, inventory, and leaving the business and my stewardship of the treasures. If no one wants to buy out the business inventory as a business then I will hope to sell it in lots, consign large lots to people who want to start up Pure Salvage Outposts around the country and give a package of doors and windows away each month to members of the website.

This I hope will encourage a new generation of salvage builders and miners as I disperse the bulk of evidence that Brad existed and stewarded so much away from the entrance to the landfills.
This is the 6th year since Adam, my son, passed on and I still have no one lined up to take over, no heirs to burden with this, so it is time to start taking the bulk of it apart for my business persona that has been Brad Kittel for 30 years is being put to rest in peace. Darby will be acting as Executor and moving to set up the trust so as to simplify, work on books, and free Brad from the physical world responsibilities for the rest of his life.

While I do still plan to finish some of the envisioned projects Brad had in mind if enough funds are released to pay for it from his estate, and if we can wipe out the debt so as to establish a trust called Salvage, Texas with the proceeds, we will. The studio/stage/restaurant and perhaps a smaller market than once planned, the intentions have changed as, like a caterpillar to a butterfly, the lifestyles can no longer stay melded together.

Yes the restaurant for guests is nearly done too. This is a great step forward and we invite you to join us soon to see how it works.

Mason is living in Salvage these days and helping on several fronts including some video.

Michael has come with friends on a couple of occasions and we thank them all for helping find the parts and pieces as well as see if they will fit.

Here is our Classic Gilad intern shot looking into the sunset, the horizon he gets to chase as a young man, with many miles to travel before he is done. It was great to have him visit and help manifest this house.

Rear end shot during the day, with the stained glass storm windows installed for the winter. See what they look like when the sun goes down.

The Retreat is the largest we are building that I hope this membership drive will enable us to keep here for larger families and groups to stay at which will make it better for having weddings and family celebrations. It is actually big enough to have a family live in, especially with the screened in porch that would have glass sash inserts for the bad weather, (2 months or so in Texas), adding another 150 sf of living space to make in nearly 800 sf of Organic Cottage Deluxe.

The seminars for members only will continue for some building and salvage training if we see the demand there but thus fare it has not been sufficient to hire help needed to do it on a larger scale so it will remain limited to perhaps one event a month. Tours on Saturdays will continue for now but may also be put on hold soon or limited to once a month.

Darby takes you on a visionary path to a sustainable Organic Cottage Tour with some great video and good music along the way.

This stairwell is built out of more than 30 houses worth of stair parts and pieces. It is a tribute to MC Escher’s work for it helps illustrate in reality how what appears impossible can actually manifest, though not to the level he drew it in, but as close as I can take it in reality.

The artist with heads up in the clouds and the businessman munching on the food of the Earth to make money, fatten, and prepare for metamorphosis. As I spread my wings and fly, I can not carry the 3 decades of stuff that forms my cocoon with me. The Chrysalis must be left behind and the metamorphosis allowed to complete. I am casting off a number of my dreams, including the one to have a village of people of like mind for I can not seem to find sane people who want to work together to create anything of this sort, invest in it, nor really support it with more than kind words.

While I know Brad’s message about creating organic toxin free sustainable housing is making an impact, the desire to run a business to build houses for any profit what so ever is gone, and one can not do it without profit as Brad has proven by spending all the income on developing better versions. Likewise the desire to focus on making money for the most part, except to get the remaining encumbered land out of the debt hole and afford the ammo to shoot the bear birthed when Brad decided to become a millionaire in his naive youth, not understanding what the price in life hours would turn out to be. Little did I know the life hours it would take to do it, but more, the hit upside the head to wake me up again, the loss of Adam. Brad is checking out early, before the end of 2017 I suspect, and Darby is picking up where he left off 30 years ago, doing some of the things I intended to do with my life before I decided I needed to make a million bucks to publish my book I am finally ready to finish. Adam would be the same age as that now, so perhaps Darby can live a life Adam would have been proud to live if he had lived on.

We may still get the other 20 houses envisioned to create a collection of different styled examples of what can be done as models to launch the future of this industry with, but we hope to keep them all in what will be Salvage, Texas one day.
In the meantime, we invite you to share some time together again along the rest of the road we will be flying over henceforth. Please consider becoming a member and be eligible for a full set of windows, doors, roofing tin, and flooring to be given away each month for the next year to members who support the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and help disseminate this information to the world, give others the chance to win house parts, learn how to build with salvage, and hopefully one day make a difference in the dialogue about how to downsize healthy and live an incredibly happy and simpler life.

With a passion flower at his core, concrete symbolism in this dimension, and a reflection on the sky, Darby takes you on a different path than most will choose to take.

For those that might be interested or know someone who wants to take on the business and be the steward to care for the vast inventories, turn them into more houses, or sell them across the country…. please get in touch for we can work with people who just want to start Pure Salvage Outposts and consign a store full of inventory, or let people buy into big batches of inventory and take what they like without being obligated for the rest. The building in Gonzales has nearly $700,000 in vintage wood that will also be sold off at some point, either dismantled or intact if the right buyer comes, or just leased to the new owners of all the inventory if they show up. Regardless, it is a great chance to get into the business of retailing the parts, building the houses, and creating a niche early in an industry that could take the country by a storm if they ever wake up to it and realize the billions that can be made with very little capital output to begin with. Please consider joining me in the metamorphosis of your lives too by finding financial salvation through salvage, and perhaps the rest will get easier after that.

So maybe this is a bit of a stretch to try to build a house out of, but we have stuff that is a bit better to start with than that don’t we? This was on the El Campo Expedition.

It is always good to clear the ground now and then, plant markers with the passage of times, ideas, and the people who may have created them. This Tombstone marks the end of a persona that has done his time and deserved the time to RIP

For more information… contact Darby… executor for the Brad Kittel Life Estate at Darby@Puresalvageliving.com