The Front Cover Of The Best Book Ever Written On Tiny Houses Of So Many Forms By One Of My People, Lloyd Kahn Who Asked To Use My Red Mascot For His Book.  See What Can Happen From A Simple Dream Of Stacking Up Salvaged Wood To Create An Organic Cottage.

Which path to take when the Splits come along in life… hehe the chance to stretch or change course!

Splitting the narrative into a dialogue to help seed the grey cells of Mankind with the best possible futures that can be found through empowerment, education, and a passion for what you are doing with your life energy, your spiritual energy, and how we affect the future.

Normally when businesses start up they have to struggle for years until the banks deem they are profitable enough to loan money to.  That is why, 30+ years ago, I started with $650 to my name while living in a converted school bus, my first tiny house which happened to be on wheels, when I came to find my fortune in Texas.   I did not want for the wealth to have big houses, fancy cars, or other accouterments of success.   In fact, my goal was to make a million dollars so that I could write and publish a book I had been working on for 5 years, at 29 years old, I was ready to rise from poverty and conquer the world.  I did not have family in Texas, a job lined up, or even a friend to stay with once I arrived in Austin after driving overnight from Oklahoma with expired tags, no insurance, no inspections, for 3 years by then, on July 5th, 1984.   Big Brother had not taken over and I was full of the belief that we might still have a chance against the evil powers in charge and running our country by then, for they had killed off Kennedy and from that time forward, the Deep State had the country by the throat.  I am one of those who has hope now that that will be over, the culprits from 9/11 prosecuted, as well as Uranium One, and the Child Traffic that has escaped scrutiny and punishment for too long.

If you are not Awakened to what is going on, the silent war in America as our country is possibly taken back from the elite who sought to bag and tag our freedoms after the next election if Hillary had made it into office.  She did not, and now the net is being cast, people being sent to Gitmo for treason or worse, and hope is on the horizon that we can Awaken the masses to the fraud that has been perpetrated on America for more than 60 years by David Rockefeller, Nixon, Johnson, and the others who sold out to the military complex and evil people intent on continuous war.

Long ago we were featured on a publication up in Canada and yet so many have never heard of what we did.

Over the Rainbow, at the end of our reach, imagination touches Spirit to manifest our dreams and what will be. Aim high with your arrows for the moments we call life, like arrows shot, cannot be retrieved from the Miracle Mountain without coming down. Savor the day of your dreams and then set out with action to achieve that which you can believe in. I strive to create that which will enable and empower more people to Awaken to what can be in the new world we will soon face, much like the one, we grew up in not so very long ago.
Please join me in creating alternative ways to survive and thrive in a different weather system than any you can imagine if you have not been following the right schools of thought, and learning as we all get to do throughout life, that much of what we thought and were taught, was wrong for it was based on things we did not even know existed.

The front cover of the best book ever written on tiny houses of so many forms by one of my people, Lloyd Kahn who asked to use my Red Mascot for his book. See what can happen from a simple dream of stacking up salvaged wood to create an organic cottage.

Finally, spiritual energy is coming into the equation, and that means you can determine not only your own future but that of the bigger world that will be affected by the example you set with your life energy and actions.
Don’t waste your life hours doing something like watching TV when you can live life and manifest your dreams instead of points in a game on the screen. LIVE fully by Being all you can be. Love and best wishes for your New Years resolutions to seek your dreams meet up with naysayers and the temptation to wait another year.
You never know what stacking up a bunch of salvaged old boards will turn into one day. Perhaps the footings for a bit of change in the way we think of trash and the salvage we could use to manifest our dreams.

Darby Lettik

Here is a view you may not have considered, a path to take when you figure out the one you have been on is not leading you to where you thought it would, nor bringing you the happiness you are seeking.  Here is a short talk about how everything from your health, home, and future dreams are within your control, from the Light within comes the solutions for the future.

This is the general concept of how this will evolve, but all things change as time goes by and the new energy a buyer could bring to this is what I hope to see help it grow long after I am gone.
Let us see if the right people come along to invest and hold a vision that in common, will be a great place to visit when we are done creating our dreams.


Let us help create the future we want for the kids yet to be born by changing the way we live now that the system that has been in control for 100 years is laid to rest, fighting and kicking.  Stop the lies, expose the truth once the facts can be clearly shown to the public is such a way as they will be able to understand it better, believe it at last, and then help rebuild once the Controllers are imprisoned or put to death.  Truly a new day comes as this one sets, and I am of the school that it is us, the Wii of the world who unite to show the other paths once the narrative splits and people awaken to the many possibilities in our future.

Join me in an imaginative tour of how what we dream of, what we work for bit by bit, day by day, will manifest as reality for me, you, Wii who want to live the difference.

Incredible New Year changes

Posted by Brad W. Kittel on Sunday, January 21, 2018

A sunset from Salvage, Tx is a beautiful thing.

Don’t hold back… be a part of the change you want to see happen, the Co-op that will give you the parts you need, the place to learn, build, and become what you want to be for the next decade, century, or legacy that you can leave behind if you are part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.  Believe in yourself and save yourself 30 years of gathering the parts, place, tools, and space to create the solutions so many want and need.

Tiny Texas Houses was the launching seeds to create the understanding of what we can build with salvage materials.  Truly this is our treasure lying in wait for the boom of most people’s lifetimes. Thank you for following and sharing, for caring, and more … being part of the change that will alter the future of building in our generation.

Please come for a visit soon and spend a night or weekend in an organic cottage you can love and create yourself one day too.

Brad Kittel


Darby Lettick