One Of 75 Examples Of How Different Organic Cottages Can Look, This One Being Only 80 Sf Downstairs.  One Of Many Examples Of Dreams Manifested Which Let You Know, More Are On The Way.

While nearly all else changed in my world since I put this life mission into words in 2011. Truer now then ever.

Seems like a lifetime since I wrote these words here in. Since then my son, Adam passed and much more changed that I could not begin to describe, but this still holds true, and by that Truth I still live, but more immersed than ever, more Awakened and healthier than I ever imagined such an adventure could make me.

I first created this Mission Article in 2011 but had no idea it would take so long to get this far. Still, it is worth what has come of this goal, and I now invite you to share some of the great things that are coming next, with a peek at all that has been done since 2011. Then, this acreage was full of mesquite needles, cactus needles, and every kind of thorn, vine with spikes, snakes, scorpions, and other venomous things. While we still have much of nature, it is now ready for humans to live sustainably here too.

A hole is nothing but a space to be filled with wonderful thoughts, actions, and like water, it will come to life when you give it that energy of Soul, the Wub you have coming from within, the Light that makes the candle burn so strong that passion takes over and there is nothing left to fear.

Welcome to my paradise called Salvage, Texas. It is a place you will not find yet on the map, for it is just manifesting from my mind into this world we call reality. You can come, stay for a night, and even walk about freely to fully grasp the scope of this model I am creating for those who wish to find a simpler organic path to live by. Please join me, support our goals, and become a part of the paradigm shift it will take to alter the course of our society or at least a portion of it that is not out to fit in as a sheeple in the crowd, but out to find a peace and happiness that can be savored by the day, shared with those we love, and live to our highest potential.