Sometimes We Have To Smile At The Prospect Of Death, The Corporate Persona's Less Dramatic But Still To Be Recognized And Respected After Death, Or So We All Hope Before We Go.

Who would have imagined? RIP Tiny Texas Houses llc

Sunflowers that will feed hundreds of birds and others for a year or more.

A week for the announcement of the passing of Brad Kittel’s favorite corporate friend and manifestation, along with other corporate creations during his long careers in several fields. Tis a great time for new life to grow from the wisdom that comes from the experiences we have. Thank you for sharing my congratulations to the many who are set free, like me, by the time that Tiny Texas Houses llc was alive, creating, selling, and growing bigger. Such grand episodes lead to others, but the coffin, the tombstones, and the services have been done so as not to gather a crowd in disrespect. Still, some kids have decided in the end to desecrate the grave, the story, the reputation with lies, like spray paint, accusations I choose not to fight except with my reputation, works, and how I imbue myself into the Earth as i go out. May you all sleep as well as i do each night with the Light in my eyes, never gone. Thank you for your sharing over the years in spite of Facebook finally convincing me they could block out more than I could send out to your, my followers. 

for the final story of the day, the pasages which are of course not fact but a fiction, a perspective that is never the only one, but that of Darby who watched as this has happened to Brad Kittel over the decades and now must speak out in the form of the novel yet written but lived first to be sure the archetypes would seem real. Let me know how it feels. Please.

The sheriff department in Guadalupe County has been so kind as to come out for a few visits over the years to deal with some of the strange machinations of people who have parked their butts, bus, trailer, RV, tent, or stayed in mine, Life in the role of mentor, of attempting to give back what I have great gratitude others gave to my son as he traversed France, Spain, Morocco, and back to France as a young boy adventuring, not mature but dead now. I am thankful for the opportunity to attempt to help, to train, to give others a chance I did not have, nor many, but that was offered to my son, food, shelter, a chance to learn, grow, and move on without commitment. No one wanted or expected to keep the kids born to Earth by other parents for life. 

I may have not understood the generation that my son was part of and I have decided that I am not the man to solve the problems that the schools create on massive scales, what parents do by giving their kids too much and the kids never thus developing a sense of true confidence by virtue of earning their Kudos, not just being passed with failing efforts and grades.
I concede I am finally jaded and we will only accept future guests, interns, and unfortunately take great caution letting anyone live in one of the spaces in Salvage, Texas, keeping their things on the property, and sadly, having a chance to work in the shop to learn how to create these pieces of House Art I have spent decades to research. All the models, styles, and proofs of what can be done are thus there for others to grow with now. 
I have shut down Tiny Texas Houses llc, closed the doors to selling more houses to move off to lands away from Salvage, Texas. Having found few to fit in with resources, but instead the suckers, leeches, people with dependencies that I could not empower them to leave behind and finally now, an audio, video, internet character assassination conspiracy that may soon unfold with the help of other liars. 

So here is a blast of just words for the mind to believe… all true:

A sad day indeed, but all doors that close only lead to a new path instead, thus if one is aiming for the Light, Truthful and Right, then even the hardest days can be survived, and you learn how to Thrive in the midst of Hellions, Fiends, and Demons dancing about, then your Light will shine so bright that through you… others will follow you out of what you perceived to be hell, but is, in fact, Heaven on Earth, for perception and intent are most important of all to the life you live in Truth. Live the Life of Light as the Beacon others might choose to follow, without bribes, false promises, or weakening those who would prefer being carried by telling them they can get there without doing the work of Acts, Deeds, and not Lies and deceptions, wealth, and power. Thank you for the gifts of learning, no matter how hard the lessons are… I will always use my every ounce of power for the good I believe before I go, and will imbue myself into the very Earth that gives me nourishment to show what Wii could do. Once I am gone, do with it as you please my friends… with my blessings and those of my other friends like Jesus, Budha, Shiva, and the Truth of the Power that guides, creates, and manifests this beautiful life we get to share.
I had to give a notice today… but the point is above said, the rest is just personal, but no names.

It appears I need to give you this 3 day eviction notice above having texted you, sent you emails, begged you to change your ways that infect my vision, join with, or cause so many upheavals with these conspiratorial escapades to hurt me, assassinate my character, cause me great angst, stress, and through conspiratorial intent attempted to entrap me into a way to use lies to imprison me, tried and thought you had succeeded to the point of smirkingly asking if I had bailed out so early, not knowing your plan failed. all in this week. Second, my son was lost under the Seine River drowned in Paris 8 years ago to this week of turmoil you have put me through with these Fiends of yours. It is impossible to express in words the hurt you have caused me over the years, the many times I have pleaded, have mercy on my son, that Adam’s generation could do more. He was your age when he died when you showed up out of the blue, no notice, appearance of money or contribution of such in 6 years to prove you were more than stories of what you would one day do or finish. I let you tie up materials behind your fold up toy house that, like any child, remains unfinished in spite of having no job really that contributes any income to this vision I seed to manifest with my lifeblood, the millions I made and hoped would become the evidence of my life, a model for kids of what we can do to create a new life with Salvage.

To him and the friends that have now taken videos of my anger at such treatment when I finally told these kids who never paid a dime to live here, stay up late, wake up late, drink, bed, and play instead of what I learned was required, working for those benefits. After decades of working 80-100 weeks to create a legacy for a son of this generation that now attempts to destroy all I have built, no names mentioned and mostly as a statement about the sort of boy I raised, my own son Adam 
RIP, who did not have to work from 12 years old as I did to have a pair of jeans in a day when they were a sign of a rebel persona, James Dean, thus only my black dress pants and white shirt for school at the beginning of each year was gifted to me when I was young. My ex-wife countered my attempts at disciplining my son by gifting, unraveling my restrictions to house, from car, or money to win his love instead.
When he was drowned in the Seine River unbeknownst to me as we attempted to search for the realization of my spoken and ignored premonition that Adam would die if he went to Paris, France. It took a year and a half, two days before his plane trip home when it came true.
What I do now is to try to help others as those who took Adam in as he travels Europe in a small corner on their Woolf program was good, the other stuff he did like I would have done at his age as a musician. but fate would have him teach me more by leaving then he could have from this side of the veil.
Thank you, Thank you, thank you God to give me the knock it took to wake me up, that I finally broke my workaholic for the wrong goals world, from living lies I had been taught were what I should be to be successful. Rich in things is not the path I took a to find great Joy from my greatest sorrow, followed up by a Love, change in course, and the creations that have become houses and the legacy I had hoped to give my son. Now best known and felt, seen and thus seeded into your dreams, my path to salvaging our lives, hOMes, and Truth through the lessons we are here to learn. The only song my son ever recorded, a poem by me called The Song of Salvage, will be his endless contribution to a stream of consciousness some will know as Darby Lettikone day.
May your travels this day be into a world we can all be proud to leave to the children being born today.

Darby Lettikk

If i can get all the chest cams, the recordings, the video of the three people who did this with lies I deny with witnesses and finally being forced to serve them with legal process to get them to leave.  Perhaps we will have a great reality show to astound most who followed the entity now killed off.

This is the official announcement that the page is for the past, the inspiration for the future, but not to sell you all a bunch of houses. Never has been… but the seeds that lead to flowers, others creating houses out of salvage, and getting it all for human energy, not money… well… 

I am going off to write the great novel I came to Texas to put to words long before I understood that the book of Wibblry and Wub, the foundation that made all this creative process manifest what so many have enjoyed without ever a dollar for advertising, and in fact, shedding the business in the end. The parts, the pieces yet to form into houses, a gigantic warehouse full of materials like doors, windows, and better… I am hoping the right stewards show up to take over and start anew for I am through. Off to other things that are more fun, more magical, and I hope you will follow on to a land where I might not be so shadowed, traffic hidden, and read the poems, the story, and the tale of how Salvage Texas came to be and why no one will ever find it on the map. It is indeed a magical place, a paradise I prefer to call home than a business. Bye-bye for now. going invisible to the world…

Want to see what i am going back to do, or rather listen to the music, the words, al read to you while driving down the highway??? Click here and share..

Brad Brad W. Kittel
For more information, please check with my dearest confidant and poet.
Darby Lettik

Want to see what i am going back to do, or rather listen to the music, the words, al read to you while driving down the highway??? Click here and share..
Brad Brad W. Kittel
For more information, please check with my dearest confidant and poet.
Darby Lettik