Teaching Interns From As Far Away As Germany, Israel, Australia, China, And More Places That Pure Salvage Living Will Hopefully Continue To Grow From The Seeds I Plant Today.  Please Help Share The Empowering Knowledge And Solutions We Can Offer To Others For Little More Than Human Energy And Love.

Why doesn’t Tech Venture Capital invest in Pure Salvage Living Lifeware?

I was inspired to write a bit today in the most unusual way. It seems that an inquiry to join me on Linked In, a platform I do not use much but try to be polite and be friends to some I have not met. This morning I got an inquiry from a man whose occupation or Linked In title was a CEO of a Silicon company. I decided to write a short note as a response as the industry is rife with capital to be invested in all things technology and thus I have never sought help for what I want to do from them. The thing is though, I am creating Lifeware… the programming we need to survive outside the matrix you might say. What started as a few short words grew into a path across the chasm I felt was in between my vision and what they do, but as I went along I realized that the books, building plans, and the model I am creating are all part of the same game.

So here is the teaser for those in the software angel/venture capitalists.

This house was the subject of a music video called Song of Salvage and you can see it on the Pure Salvage Living Channel on Youtube.
The Bootcamp Seminar on How to Become a Salvage Miner.

I hope one day that the silicon / tech/ software industry will realize that the lifeware we are putting out now that the video / audio studio is up, the venue about to launch, and the Lifeware that is part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. We have enough intellectual property accumulated as ammo saved up to create the books, videos, model, and education platform needed to educate the kids and transitioning Baby Boomers who want to learn about such so badly now. It is life skills they seek in a digital age where the kids are realizing their helplessness when it comes to creating alternatives for their lives and want to escape the matrix that inundates them with demands they do not wish to conform to but do not have the skills or knowledge to escape.

The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is how I seed the minds of millions with my Tiny Texas Houses, thus planted in the consciousness of the world through the eyes first, then the words, music, and ultimately, through the increasing number of people who’s passion is ignited by the prospect of living the way we will need to for the future to be bright instead of bleak. We have now, thanks to that very technology, the ability to create our own reality shows, concerts, educational platforms, and then cast it around the world in moments such that my following now extends to nearly every country in on the planet. We know more about what it takes to be healthy and fix the problems of the world than any other time in history. How do we bring this all together under one umbrella where the people of the world win?

The audience for the Tiny Texas Houses reaches around the world yet few have copied the ethos that is behind it. That is the reason for focusing on the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance for the next level of creating a town our of salvage that can go off grid when needed or desired.

I can not do it alone, but I have gone as far as I could without the support of your industry, investor base, bank support, or any other outside investment for that matter. I realize I went into a realm no others wanted to go, but did so repeatedly over my serial entrepreneurship. From my real estate career decades ago when I redeveloped French Place and East Austin’s image in the 80’s and 90’s to later creating the largest architectural antiques business in the USA, then moving on to Tiny Texas Houses, no one ever believed I would succeed at what I was doing. This next adventure seems like it should be the easiest to get support for, but once more, it is unconventional but there seem to be many who feel this could work if we do get the support. Nice paradox to be in.

After spending millions to get this far, having all the inventory it will take to build out the town of Salvage, Texas as a model of what can be done as we sew the new energy technology, insulation, passive energy and storage, while learning to use the materials that we can not match for quality or quantity if you use the practical and sustainable approach to measure gauge success. I am not sure why, of all people, I have been inspired today by writing you whom I have never met or talked to…. But thank you for the trigger than allowed me to articulate these thoughts that I needed in order to reach out to your industry and the astonishing financial capital it wields.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a place for the organic minded people who are seeking paths to sustainable and healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day.

If you have access to the minds that work so hard to invest into the software and hardware industry, the people who could help me take this 43 acres and turn it into the phenomena we need to have people see, sleep in, and feel the energy of a place where the elders can share and the kids can learn. The venue will be broad, from the vending / learning / living spaces in SalvageFaire market where the younger generations can come see how to integrate into or adopt parts of a world they never knew that we now refer to as analog. Those were the days before electricity, sick days, vacations, and worker benefits. Some of us lived part of the old days and as our generation passes, so goes the knowledge base in those bio-soft drives we call brains, for the spirit can no longer share what it has learned once the vessel is broken or dissolved.

Yes it is true, we are finally having another essay contest even though I said it may never happen again after the essay contest where we gave the entire house away, already built, the last time.

Please consider investing a bit of your time to share with friends the recent launch of the next level of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. I am putting to rest the persona who worked 80-100 hours a week decades ago when I came to Austin in a school bus, $650 to my name, and a dream to publish the book I was working on. I needed a million bucks in those days to self publish and so I set off to make it in my naiveté, not knowing what it would cost me in life hours, but impassioned I set off. My son, the million I made in 5 years, and the debt, mindset, and next to decades were soaked in the belief that I had to create a legacy for my son more important than my writing.
Later I left Austin as I realized I was missing my son’s youth and for the next few years enjoyed being around him before he became a teen and that was no longer cool.

When my son Adam passed away 6 years ago the many hours spent working instead of being with him came home to visit for a while as I beat myself up and let that part of me die too. That leads to the estate sale and transformation of me, and those many years of work turning salvage into this last manifestation, Salvage, Texas which I will hopefully entrust to stewards who will respect the ethos and continue the preservation of this meeting place for the music, film, and other means we have to influence the positive future our world may hold if we take action now. Interestingly, that turns out to have been the final chapters in the book I wrote 35 years ago. I accidentally lived what was a fantasy story and now I am responsible for handing off the millions in materials, building plans, land, and visions I have to the stewards who will carry the torch and be the solutions and teachers once I am gone.

If you get the chance to get away and chat, can bring some friends who would like to play in the land of creating more than software and machines, but in reprograming the more important computers now being wasted, the human versions that are desperately looking for Lifeware, I want you to come visit as a group to consider getting involved in this new concept. It is one which will give the the body I have found is possible in my sixties, the simple lifestyle that will let them be with family, live happy, and not be trapped in debt. These solutions I have created and now it is time to put them out there. The plans, books, videos, classes, and the physical venue that will allow for the music, films, and festivals that support this organic transition in to melding the best of the past with the technology that will make it possible to create a millennium of peace and prosperity for the 7 generations to come.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!

Please consider joining me on this escapade into what began as a fantasy in order to create a new reality, one built from the resources I see as treasure and most see as trash. More millionaires are made from salvage in America than any other startup business and I believe I can show millions how to make millions off the billions and billions of dollars hidden in the salvaging of our country. I want the tax break for housing using it to manifest this industry I am passionate about that few others even cherish. With that resource I can change the social fabric of our nation by empowering the masses who are the only ones who can do this work that must be done both inside and out. These vessels we live in on Earth, both the body our spirit occupies to create the hologram that we are, and the houses we put our selves and family in. We are the able to translate to all languages and communicate the most critical things I can offer to teach people how to effectively master their life skills and make a living from the passions they have to build a healthy body, family, and life. Once done, they will all be contributing to the solutions that are at our fingertips and we have the means to finally get the word out to the world in minutes when we choose. I now need the help of masters in other fields to come together in a forum where 18,000,000 people live within 1 1/2 hours drive.

I call this place Salvage, Texas where we can create a destination point that will bring the best minds, spirits, and energies together in an educational festival environment and model of what we can do operating in the real world. I have the organic cottages in place for the B&B to give people the experience of sleeping in them. Much more will be here before we are done. This is what I am manifesting, a sustainably planned municipality that will be on grid/off grid at the blink of an eye, and never miss a lick, and showing how the true potential of the millennium of Peace and Prosperity we could create if we choose and encourage the incredible kids/beings born today who will have all the tools to make this happen.

All most need now is the hope and belief we can succeed at doing something to create a better world than the one we appear to be destroying now. We can! We have to live that life it will take to make the planet sustainable though. That is my purpose now, to show it is possible to fix this mess we have created with consumerism, poor life skills schooling, and the depersonalization that the cyber world has created. Thank you for joining me in living and being what it will take to manifest the solutions and create the opportunities for the kids to live long healthy and amazing lives on Mother Earth and beyond.

Building plans, videos, books, and software to design the many things we can build from the best parts of our past.

I am not sure why you, why I was inspired to create this thesis by someone I have not met or talked to…. But thank you for the trigger that allowed me to articulate these thoughts that I needed in order to reach out to your industry and the astonishing financial capital it wields. A spattering of that into this new industry would catapult it into the sky where it would create a fireworks show that would light up the entire world. This is the first step to breaking down the walls of skepticism that have held me back from asking for help before I could show the evidence by my own commitment and create the physical foundation to support my claims.

I am ready now and the launch on July 4th of this year will be my coming out party as Darby, SalvageGuru where I can hopefully set up the final community online that will let the quantum story inspire others who have attempted suicide when young and without hope only to fail and go on to live an incredible life no one would have ever imagined. To many are giving up and do not know what is possible, I want to offer what I have found for I have luckily survived to tell such a tale as I have lived, but in the fantasy book I started long ago will be my best work when I am done if I succeed. Few will believe this life could have been possible from eating out of dumpsters to where I am today and what we can still do with what I have prepared to build a better future with if they so choose. The trick is to get more people to choose the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance now and that is what I hope to accomplish in my next decade.

Have a great day. You have already made mine better by far than when I awoke today.

This inspirational foray into the world of possibilities for marrying the technology of today with the potential which the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance offers as a path that we could take immediately to quickly create a World Union of Believers in the survival of our planet, its species that share it, and possibly transition into a Millennium of Peace and Prosperity. I believe it is within our reach, but only with the help of those who read this and share it with the people they know who might be inspired to consider investing their time, energy, or money into this industry we can use to create the seeds of Hope and solutions into the fabric of our society and hopefully ignite the flames of passion in billions long into the future of our world.


Tiny Texas Houses
& Salvage, Texas

Her is the overview of the houses on tour at Tiny Texas Houses. Now that they are available for Air B&B as well as HipCamp (soon to start) so that others can come and learn, participate, and take away dreams that can be manifested in the places that mean the most to each of us.

Thank you for considering this lifestyle of living simpler, of creating a new path that we can be proud of and we hand it off to the generations that will follow us.