Why has this Concept not been repeated by others?

This is possible for everyone who wants to create it out of the salvage that can be found in 65% of America that gets thrown away, burned, or knocked down to rot. Help save our future resources by sharing the value of salvage with your friends and talk someone into building these near you.


I have been asked to give referrals of people who are building like I do, both for the materials, but also for the Artistic way of looking at housing.  I can say that if they wanted to, I have certainly made it possible to find out how.  Some have taken the idea but then made the faster cheaper version of a Tiny House and wrote off what I do as just too much work for the money I make.  NOT good enough I guess but that can not be the only reason.

No one out there seems to want to do the work or has the means without the banks helping.  It takes special people willing to risk all they own daily to start this business up in other parts of the country, or world.  Most of the governments are too busy ….making so many regulations that its not feasible instead.  I have no clue for I truly thought someone up there in that part of the world would have come and asked to open an assembly site or copy it, but not a single one that I know of. Sad really as it could work they say, because there are so many more eco-minded people, yet no one of the millions has come to learn how and take that knowledge back to use there and start up their own version of this there.

I hear lots of reasons why no one is doing it, but having come from eating out of dumpsters and living in a school bus, I think anything is possible if someone makes that their goal in life, their passion and desire to create a path through the chaos that will not mean conforming to the requirements needed to move uphill inside the matrix. Just a thought.
It’s been nearly 8 years since I started this.

What’s it going to take to get someone to do it there? I have not a clue.

Thank you for your inquiry. I can not help but voice some frustration in hopes that someone will understand the issue, see the opportunity with little competition, and perhaps feel inclined to fill a hole of opportunity instead of just gripe about how bad the world is getting as we consume and throw it all away.

I try to create Tiny Houses that will turn peoples heads and make them think. I want people to consider the possibilities rather than their limitations by seeing what can be done with materials that can be had for nearly free.

The building industry is the problem with their lowest price point per square foot driven policy and wasteful larger houses as the path to riches now, not longevity of the product they build. It is not the people who want less quality, lots of imports, built in obsolescence, and disposable housing that is toxic for the first few years as it out gasses. Many would prefer tinier man made with quality materials like salvage lumber and parts provide instead. If my houses were offered with the same enticing financing more people could own them, more buyers would support the market, There is some evidence that the prices would adjust down from what I charged to create the pioneered business model: the construction techniques for safe transport, collapsing of the porches, and much more that I have given freely to others to entice them to do this everywhere.
It is not being copied or financed anywhere, after all of this time and exposure to the issues and requests to lenders everywhere to get involved. Without them, one is doomed to only sell to the people who have the cash on hand to pay with or who are willing to cash out of their retirement funds to make it happen. Most are not in that position and choose not to take that route. So the financing is the only other method of growing the Tiny Organic House concept and Pure Salvage Living Renaissance from growing exponentially. Nothing else is going to make a bigger difference than that, and I have no solutions lined up.

I try to expand the spaces so that they feel bigger rather than make them bigger. These Space Magic Techniques can be used anywhere, by anyone, we are sorcerers all with our imaginations and ability to create these incredible homes from salvage.

When that happens, I predict that what I tried to start will be able to grow at community levels with Economic Development funds instead of building warehouses for corporations that never come, use that space for warehousing, teaching, and perpetuating the growth of your area by using the resources at hand. Stop expecting there to always be more help from the outside, the feds, or giant corps that only want a super deal to come. Make it happen with the human resources out of work, the houses ready to be torn down, the elders who can offer education and shared tools, guidance, and hope for the young who have never faced a Depression….., Some have, some remember, and some were told who listened.

Now is the time to look backwards for age-old answers that worked for centuries instead of letting the government and global corps think up new ones for America. The old ones built us up and the parts from that can be used to build us up again. Why import that future when it is right before our eyes, literally within reach of nearly everyone in the country.
New ideas that will work can be built on solid foundations of good sense, creativity, assets in place rather than creating new materials to solve old problems.

The problems themselves provide their own solutions. It is simply the perspective you view it from. Stop seeing these houses, barns, and buildings as trash and instead see the treasure. Suddenly it can be what you wanted, the solutions for your local economy, for you personally to find work for your family, to build houses for those you love, and to show how you can worship your creator by paying proper respect to the trees he took centuries to grow for you to use as gifts that would give you shelter and a home. Trash it like this and you should not expect there will always be more. Gifts are not intended to be perpetually replaced if you abuse them, disrespect them, and show that you have no intent to show remorse as it gets thrown into the Lake of Fire where gleeful Land fill Operators get wealthy for turning resources into contaminated stinky mountains

I pray people will soon recognize the folly of our ways and see this alternative as one they could use to take action individually. Here is a path to take. Do not follow me but instead, start from where I leave it with you knowing if you want it, someone, someplace needs to help get it started near YOU. I hope you can encourage the people that will make that happen by sharing what I have shared with all of you. That was the purpose, not to become a giant Tiny Texas House Builder waiting for everyone to retire so I could cash in. I will beat most of you to retirement, at least from this third successful career that took, like the first two, another 45,000 life hours dedicated to working and creating solutions and businesses no one else thought would be a good idea.

I have been blessed and still am. Thank you for following and taking these lessons to find blessing of your own. I can show you the path, and mark it so you cannot get lost, but not carry others up. I can teach men how to fish but I cannot force them to bait and throw their hook into the water to get what they need to survive. Good luck.

This 12′ x 21′ house is more than big enough for a small family with one or two kids. It would last a lifetime in most societies, be considered a mansion, and can be passed on to the grandchildren to be carried away and set up again each generation.