When I Built The First Of The Tiny Texas Houses, It Was A Simple Red Cabin That Told The Tale Of Where I Would Start, And The Journey Since Then Has Led To Places I Never Dreamed Of, And Houses That Will Outlive Me By Far.  Thank You For The Chance To Create From Salvage, A New Life, Happiness, And A Healthy Body I Never Dreamt I Would Possess.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Is About More Than Just Sustainable Housing, It Is About Healthy Living For Us And The Planet... Together.

Why you are here? Your purpose? Seeking, Finding, Happy? Time to Salvage your past, create anew?

What a title for a short blog today.

I want to find a way to offer up those who are reaching the point that hope is hard to find.  For those millions who live only a month or two from bankruptcy.  $800,000,000,000 in mortgages just hit the wall in Houston.  Payments on houses people can not live in with jobs that are not what they were before Harvey.  Most will never be repaid, rebuilt, nor the lives of those within reconstructed, but instead Salvaged to rebuild anew.  This is just the tip of several icebergs floating in our economy and adding to the sinking of the Titanic we call America as is was before the disasters that are falling upon us as I write this still.  The volcanos are not blowing but the threats are at all time highs in our lifetimes, even us older folks.  So what will all these people who have been impacted do to survive and move forward?  I propose there is no better time to wake up to the many solutions that the Salvage Mining and Salvage  Building industries could provide without imports, immigrant labor, or anything else that can not be found locally.   Lets make it happen.

First we need a location where people can all meet, share their incredible new and out of the box ideas, then have the space, materials, and tools to build and create the solutions they come up with in.  We call that Manifestation Bay where we assemble the houses and other ideas that are big.  We also have a shop and then tons of warehouse space where you too can come shop for parts, with an appointment of course.  We have had many and may have more seminars for the members of the Puresalvageliving.com community and that has enabled many to get the confidence to go out and take down their own houses, start their own business, and grow a new future out of the remnants of the past.  Tap the last of that credit cards lines and retirement, pull out while you can, and start a new life as an artist, or the dream you have had for your life while you can.  Once the dominoes start to fall, your precious time will have been better spent preparing for a simpler downsized life than to attempt to climb back on the horse you were riding that drowned.

New doors open as old ones close and I hope to offer you a path you may not have been willing to consider before, but might look better now.  Downsize rather than replace so many things and need so much space to store them in.  Ease up on the stress and bail out of the life you had if you were really unhappy, don’t go back and do the same thing again.  This is your opportunity to stretch and grow, feel challenged and young, or at least that is the best way to view it now that there is no going back.

Not only houses, but chapels as blessed creations of the past were brought back into life too. I want to create a few more for Salvage, Tx., and would love to have partners come in to help and take care of the weddings and events we could be having once the parts I have for at least three more chapels are assembled and put into service. The Spirit could be honored and a place to visit for that purpose, to share ones perspectives with others of like mind, is surely going to be ready soon to, but sooner if you help.   Is this your next purpose in Life? Along the way to where I am today, I have had many reasons to pray, and some prayers unanswered in the way I asked for, thus lessons learned that make this next transition the most important one yet. Please consider joining us as we tap the highest of energies to create the greatest of works for the benefit of all who come to learn, share, and grow the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.


One option for investing in hard assets that will make you money and be a new way to create a future that will last.  Tiny Texas Houses was once selling to the public but has now limited that to only 6 small houses for the whole of next year.  The idea is to get more people building them in other places to fill the demand.  I know the demand is there and growing because I have turned over 50 house buyers away this year, some for 3-5 house for their ranch or a B&B.  I don’t wish to be a house builder for that was not my goal, but to show how to create houses from 95% Pure Salvage which most people thought was pointless to start with, let alone profitable.  It can be extremely profitable if that is the objective, but it can also be a way to make a good living doing good things for others, teaching the kids life skills, and creating opportunity that will grow for many into life long careers in the Pure Salvage Living businesses that will evolve as this industry gains steam and followers, as the supply of salvageable house becomes abundant and the need for usable housing critical.  Now is the time for this sort of innovation which takes the best of the past to build a future you can be proud of and hand off your business to your children when you are ready to relax.

Yes we do have a bit of stained glass, several pieces lined up right now, but a new buyer could have some say-so in some of those choices.

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through Salvage, Tx. candy and fear trail. We will also be having some incredible parties on the weekends so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

Imagine a Teeny Tiny House first, then work your way up to the size that you really want to live in.

From the beginning, in 2006 when I started building a house from salvage to prove how far we could take it… I did not realize just how many factors we could take into account when the solutions this creates are brought into view.

As we spruce them up and make them ready for a public tasting, here is a shot of the Writers Cottage.

We can share our knowledge, meld our skills, and become what we always wanted to be, now.

You can buy into a house (yes as little as 1/4 interest with the same benefits of using it, but only 10 days a year for free) and we lease your interest back for 10% of your investment paid to you as a dividend each year.  Better still, for making money, a vendor space you could live in as your studio, or much more rather than try to rebuild in a place you will never be able to feel secure in during a major storm again.  Create a tiny or small cottage for living in, a studio for playing and selling your creations, teaching, or doing your massages for people who appreciate alternative methods for staying healthy as we age.  You can go back to what was home knowing the cost to your life hours to dig it out and save your past life is more than you may want to do, especially if you were not particularly happy with that life.  Time to salvage all you can get and run for the higher hills, prepare to start into a new way of living with less stress, house, and possessions to pay for, and more time to do what you have the talent for, and perhaps make a good living from it too.  NOW is your chance to bail out and restart with all the justification anyone could ask for if you were affected by the storms.

If that is the decision, then please keep the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance in your thoughts as you investigate the best path for you and your loved ones in the next 5 years.  I offer up these solutions for those who are ready to apply a positive mental attitude and the willpower, energy, and dedication it takes to start businesses from scratch on shoestring budgets that use Loophololgy to get the breaks, take advantage of the benefits for those in business, and become independent for the rest of your working life.  Salvage can do that and has made more millionaires from scratch than any other industry.

Looking at the intern resumes, the kids that want to learn the life skills, software for the body, that will allow them to break free from conventional goals and manifest an incredible life of creative visions and success.

Looking for a new life.  If you qualify, I need people who want to get in at the ground floor, bring with them assets in knowledge, skills, and some money so as not to be just dependents needing to be fed.  We want the people who can become the teachers, the leaders of other Pure Salvage Outposts, run co-ops to create resources centers where materials, tools, education, and transport for finished houses will enable millions to move in this direction as quickly as possible by changing the local laws and codes first so as to beat the feds desire to prevent salvage building from taking hold.  Remember, the government is there to protect the business interests of the giant corporations, not the public or small businesses that actually create more jobs than the big boys all combined.  Join me in a revolution of faith in our ability to overcome all obstacles and create a new path that is not controlled by the special interests that create the laws and codes which only benefit the rich, global corps, or prevent the little guys from growing big businesses too.

Ready to take part in making dreams come true, miracles happen for those who expected it least, and possibilities that few considered possible in 2017. Join me for this adventure in creative contests to demonstrate to the millions who follow them, how 12 couple will take the treasure of the past and turn them into their dream cottages of the future.

Salvage, Tx., is intended to be the model of how we use micro loans, inducements like free materials to build with, discounts on vendor spaces to get new businesses off the ground like an incubator for high tech companies, but for the artists, musicians, and writers who really change the world at the grassroots level the government can not control.  Film festivals for the many people who create great works the masses should be able to see but the big theater chains or TV Networks will not allow for it might empower the masses, not control them to docility.

The time is nearly ripe to put up our sign and make it official. We have a few test runs to see how we can handle a crowd, get the bath houses, showers for campers, and a bit more preparation, …. cash flow, cash flow, ….. so check out the chance to invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage to be leased back and let you stay there for events as well as making an incredible income from it as a return thanks for your help and support at this juncture in our growth and expansion.

Ticket window from the Halletsville, Tx. railroad I salvaged 25 years ago was still waiting for this spot.

What will the doors of opportunity look like to you. Do they need an open sign that invites you in or will you spot the opportunity as you walk by and turn before the door closes and you only get to wish you had looked deeper into the Lighted end of the Tunnel for a path you would never want to leave again.

Get up off the couch and make your body a temple for the energy of your Spirit to rush through on its way to becoming miraculous.   Join me in Salvaging houses, barns, and homes to create new Organic Cottages, life time careers, and homes for the millions who need a better version than the one they had before.  This will only require human energy and bartering the skills one has, the work one can do, for the parts, pieces, and work one can not do in exchange.   Unity through communing leads to a solid community.

Please join me, support us, share with your friends, and let us know how we can help you make a difference bringing the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to your town too.  Send me you children who all want to learn, your women who need homes, your elders in turn, for each can contribute to make this emerge, this transition in housing that now will occur.  I promise to help those who will help yet more, to teach them, supply them, and encourage them for, no one but the teachers can grow this enough to make all of the changes we need soon enough.


Thank you, Thank you, thank you.


I could fit a house over there in the shade that would look like it fit in my hand. We could crane one over the creek into the shade or build it and reassemble it there. Or better yet, some salvage artist will come and build with the materials I will provide for free and then get to stay in it for a month or two in days over the next year.