Imagine Being On The Ship Of Your Dreams, Flying Off Into The Sunset, And Creating The Sustainable Future You Dream Of Too.

Wii are finding 2019 Amazing in Salvage, Texas… Our Paradise for Sustainable Organic Living.

If you are living in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston and want a healthy getaway in a rare environment close by yet worlds away from what you are living in now. Imagine with in an hour and a half you could experience the sustainable organic cottages that would give you a taste of the simplicity, grounding, and lifestyle that could change your life in miraculous ways. If you have any desire or passion to visit such a place, and not have to spend a fortune to get away and finish that song, poem, book, painting, or just gather your thoughts where no one can find you… Salvage, Texas is just down the road. Not on a map, cause then they could find you, but a cyber space place that was manifested from imagination and what most considered trash. What it can do for people though, well that is nearly magical.

Rubbles is our Mascot, the Earthworm Avatar who has guided us to permaculture, sustainable organic cottages, and Salvage Building a future that our ancestors would be proud of, our grandchildren will inherit, and Wii will thus do our part to respect our Mother Earth and the many other Beings and creatures Wii share it with for life. Let us help keep it as much a paradise as possible by living the path of simplicity and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that preserves the treasures of the past for the manifestation of our best possible future.
Already the blooms are popping out in Salvage, Texas, from Sunflowers, to Apple Blossoms, dandelions, and much more as our Permaculture village comes to life. Need more green thumb wisdom and help.

Salvage, Texas is so close to the big city, yet far enough away, that you could leave for in the evening on Friday, get in early enough to read, have a campfire, stroll in the sunset or moonlight along the ponds or creek and woods. A romantic weekend get-away, a place to play, fish, canoe in the San Marcos River a half mile away or in onsite ponds. You could hike trails in Palmetto Park, play Frisbee Golf, Real Golf, and not stray more than a few miles away.

Many of the ponds, the completion of Endless Creek, and the paths through the back, up Miracle Mountain, into the Mud Caves, and much more is on site to keep one busy for a bit without ever leaving, just strolling, thinking, and enjoying a peaceful visit with fish, frogs, birds, and other creatures not in the city.

The ground will look different by the time you see this picture for the many tiny sprouts you can not see will soon be greening all about. Squash, Sunflowers, sorghum, watermelon, beans, and so much more. Need help from wise green thumbed people as this is my first time at the grow it rodeo.
Once upon a time in 2002, there was no water, little life that did not have poison, thorns, spikes, bite, or not be so great to eat natural food on hand.

Now there are many more creatures living here, from birds, frogs, deer, fish, and fox, more others than I can list or know, but this is for sure, Life grows with water and now we have miles of shoreline where there was once none, and soon permaculture in a way that allows for tiny organic sustainable houses to sit amidst them and all to thrive. So is my dream manifesting and hopefully a few more will join us to live here, help manifest the model of what could be done by others anywhere, and create the place where people can escape to try it out, invest to benefit financially, and find solutions to empower other to benefit and be healthy too.

Imagine what you could do with the world of salvaged doors, windows, flooring, trim, and all you would need to build a village from parts of the past. Add to it the land for growing organic food, showing what could be done to create energy from water flow, air, and sun, yet little electronics, and so much more that we used to know as a society. Life skills, as they were once called, were taught by 6th grade and kids learned to work hard enough to go off and start families at 16 years old, as adults. I think that could still be possible instead of imprisoning smart skilled kids in broken school systems. Come see how.

Its not just about the hOMe, land, but also about the body, getting younger, stronger, and healthier as we age. I think at 63 I am the best that I have ever been and always wanted to be. Here is a quick link to a video about how good of condition you can be in with this lifestyle.
Want to see a very special and unique invitation to Salvage, Texas?

Please, come visit for a night, weekend, or share with someone who just might be ready to get healthy and change speeds to enjoy the best years of our life.
Darby Lettick