Instead Of A Bank Account That Does Not Earn Money, A Young Mother, Papia, Now Owns An Organic Cottage In Salvage, Texas To Bring Her Two Children, Create Memories, Perhaps Much More By Getting Them Involved In Seeing What Can Be Done To Create Housing Sustainably.  Unlike A Piece Of Paper To Show She Had Money Making Nearly Nothing, She And Her Family Can Now Have A Tangible Asset Where They Get Out Of The City And Into The Country Together. With This Asset That Maked 40 Times As Much Income From Here Investment, With An Asset, Not Just Paper To Show For It, She Creates Life Long Memories.  Only 80sf Of Teeny Tiny Texas House, The Gingered Swan Sleeps 2-3 (with Sleeping Deck For Star Gazers)  And Has Space To Dance, Sit For A Little Snack Or Dinner.  It Also Has A Roof Deck To Watch The Sunset.  95% Pure Salvage With Space Magic Design Methods That Create A Virtual Escape From The Modern World.  This House Sits Across From Three Ponds, Miracle Mountain, And Has Plenty Of Frogs, Crickets, And Wildlife To Create A Symphony Of Sounds Through The Night.

Wow, an epiphany comes to light, a bright future is in site!

When I was young I used to wonder what it would be like to have money to invest in a stock or other means of making money grow for me. I never found anything that did not cost me much of my supposed profits to be involved in with the risk of losing it all if the possible reward was potentially high. These days the banks and retirement funds have made a joke of keeping money there for sake of having it make any money, in fact, some are charging negative interest rates, for you to loan them money. Yes, I said loan because deposits are indeed, Loans to the Banks, as defined in the FDIC… Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation… that has stated you can be paid in bank stock until the holding banks reorganize, reopen their doors, and convert your stock to the dollar of the day if/when they reopen.
If you know how to play the game, Roulette gives you a 33% chance of winning 33% profit, or at least breaking even with every turn of the wheel, if you know how to play the odds. The banks don’t give you a chance to make any money yet you risk all you have letting them hold it in their digital coffers. If you don’t play Roulette you will not win or lose money, but with the bank, you will not make any money but could lose it all by leaving it on the table every day when they throw the ball into the wheel and see if the system will be secure for another day. If not, you lose it all in one day… so why play that game?

Instead of a bank account that does not earn money, a young mother, Papia, now owns an Organic Cottage in Salvage, Texas to bring her two children, create memories, perhaps much more by getting them involved in seeing what can be done to create housing sustainably. Unlike a piece of paper to show she had money making nearly nothing, she and her family can now have a tangible asset where they get out of the city and into the country together. With this asset that maked 40 times as much income from here investment, with an asset, not just paper to show for it, she creates Life Long Memories. Only 80sf of Teeny Tiny Texas House, the Gingered Swan sleeps 2-3 (with sleeping deck for star gazers) and has space to dance, sit for a little snack or dinner. It also has a roof deck to watch the sunset. 95% Pure Salvage with Space Magic design methods that create a virtual escape from the modern world. This house sits across from three ponds, Miracle Mountain, and has plenty of frogs, crickets, and wildlife to create a symphony of sounds through the night.

We decided to offer another option in order to allow some people to be able to buy a house at half the normal price ahead of when they actually plan to need it or retire so as to live in it full time. In the meantime they will get to use it 30 days a year, get the benefit of depreciation at 10% per year, write off the visits, meals, etc to come and stay here, as well a make a 10% of your purchase price back in dividends that it earns you while we lease it back and keep it at Salvage, Texas so that others can experience it as part of our Bed and Breakfast platform. It gives the public a chance to actually sleep in an Organic Cottage, feel the size of 67′-320 sf houses designed to utilize space, energy, and have giant lofts that do not count as living spaces for tax purposes.

You can hike to the top of Miracle Mountain, take a swim, or visit Tombstone Falls at the bottom on the far side of the pond. The other houses that make up Salvage, Texas will also be part of how we build this manifestation and destination point in the heart of Texas’s best cities.

It is a 100 sf lower floor with another 100 sf of sleeping loft you can stand up in. It will have a great front porch and another off the back set of diamond casement windows. The other windows going in are pretty cool too.

No matter how dark the stormy skies may seem, the Sun is still behind the clouds and thus we can survive. The storms will grow and many things may change as time goes on, but paper assets unlike books, can lose their values and be gone. Books can hold great knowledge and bring change to all who read thus they burn them not for heat, but the knowledge that they fear. The value is not in Financial paper instruments, but in the trust that goes with them, or a court system to enforce them, but the words that lay there on, are meaningless otherwise, unlike great literature, poetry, or the propagating seeds of thought cast with intent that ignite the passion and spirit in others. Paper money, checks, and stocks, ultimately mean nothing in this day and age if the internet goes down. They can not be validated, transmuted into cash, gold, or silver until the electricity comes on, yet our public depends upon such a system as if it is nearly indestructible. Sadly, it is not so unlike the great books, essays, and other written literature of value, financial instruments will someday be good for no more than starting fires to cook food in a time when fuel might not be delivered due to the internet and thus the phone systems being down. My what will the average person do if such an thing should happen? Wait for it to fire back up most likely.

While they do seem pretty tiny, they are bigger than a check book or a letter with the amount in your retirement fund but no income from it. This is not just a point of view, like at a piece of paper, this could be your savings account that is getting you a very good income… well not this one, as it has been bought, but.. you could own a house such as the Gingered Swan. Then your savings will not just be piece of paper making very little income, but instead a great income with many a benefit worth enjoying. Imagine watching the sunset over Miracle Mountain upon which you see me stand, and pretend it is your retirement fund or savings account at the bank as you look at your piece of paper that shows it is yours if they will give it back to you.

Yes indeed, paper money, financial instruments do not have much tangible form that you can use outside of taking it to the bank and getting some cash out if you don’t ask for too much at a time and there are not a bunch of others asking at the same time too. With a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage you can come see it, sleep in it, work on dressing it up more or decorating the interior. You can know you have a get away for if you want to escape and know the house is ready when you arrive, not a bank that is closed until the internet comes back up.
The next house to be offered will be the Red Log Cabin that will be going out to live on the heavy shaded and treed grotto leading down to Doughnut Pond. Imagine staying in your houses and watching the wildlife all about instead of looking into an envelope at a bank balance that never goes up much.

The red Log Cabin is the first of a series of 4 or five houses being created from the Weatherford Salvage Bootcamp a while back. The dormer allows for more air flow in the house and loft.

It is a 100 sf lower floor with another 100 sf of sleeping loft you can stand up in. It will have a great front porch and another off the back set of diamond casement windows. The other windows going in are pretty cool too.

The front is going to have a good door for privacy but also glass. If you buy in as the investor/owner on it early enough, you could help pick out the door, from thousands on hand, to go in the front.

Yes we do have a bit of stained glass, several pieces lined up right now, but a new buyer could have some say-so in some of those choices.

You can see the loft a bit but not as much without the wide angle lens. I will get better shots later.

This will be a unique house and demonstrate a cantilever design that makes it look like it should fall over, but also gets it much more living space upstairs.

The diamond casement windows will lead out to a bit of a back deck, perhaps a bath room… but we will see who comes along to help us by supporting our efforts and owning a piece of Salvage, Texas.

Ultimately the questions gets into how much. Well, the last offer seemed generous and brought to us great people who will likely be part of the development of Salvage, Texas and growing the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Some may even come to play a part in opening other Pure Salvage Outposts around the country as we grow this model for others to share elsewhere. Seminars, music and film festivals, a salvage market for all things old, created with human energy, art forms, organic foods, and much more to help create a destination point where those of common organic minds can gather and share. It is intended to be a place for the elders and youngers to mingle and share, to grow solutions together out of the best we have from the present and past to leave to the children of the future.

Oh yes, the price for the Red Log Cabin at this time is going to be $32,500 and will include being finished out ready to live in for the many who will come to share in a night of dreaming in a Tiny Texas Organic Red Log Cabin full of imagination, Love, and Hope for what we can do with a simpler path of organic living.
If you want to know more… email us at or use our info email address, or call us at 830… 875– 2500 and leave a message if we are busy building or creating something new and hopefully far from the office or phone.