Few People Imagine What They Can Do And Then Set Off To Achieve It Regardless Of The Naysayers, The Fears Within, And The Obstacles That Appear To Keep You From Your Goals.  Darby Is Taking Away Most Of The Barriers So That You Can Be All That Is In Your Dreams, If Salvation Through Salvage Is A Theme You Can Believe In, Then Come Help Share The Secrets To Empowering Millions To Make Millions And Spend It As They Will To Make The World A Better Place For All.

Yes, the events have been predicted, which does not preclude cause being intentional… but who?

Uniting our thoughts and focusing our attention on a common goal seems impossible but that does not mean it is.  Once upon a time, less than fifty years ago, much of our technology today would fit that word, impossible except it sci-fi comics.  Today you will be able to read this around the world in hours, to be able to see pictures in full color, videos made only moments before that can be seen, eye to eye on a monitor on the other side of the world in moments.

Drawn in 1977, this was what my twenties were spent on while I was working my way through college. From there I went off in the school bus to write the great American novel. Heh… 35 years later I am still on that path, again, but I must find a way to do it while carrying on after all. Let us see what comes next.

I have learned much more about the power of Wub, and the many other words used to describe it over the millenniums.  Prana, Chi, Source Energy, Spirit, Love Energy, Orgone, and many more names as time goes by… ultimately pointing back into the vessel which we occupy that allows us to experience this world we see and call reality, but as science attempts to validate its solidity we learn it is indeed, little more than an amazing holographic manifestation that we can physically affect with our thoughts.  We are more powerful than you have been taught, and once you believe that and are empowered with the knowledge that YOU can tap unlimited resources by just changing your perspective and approach to life.  So amazing that you too can manifest miracles for others to benefit from if you tap that energy of Soul, that Wub that flows through you with the potential to help create a community, a World Union of Beings who believe we can join together peacefully to resolve all issues and build a better world when these calamities have past.

Darby takes you on a visionary path to a sustainable Organic Cottage Tour with some great video and good music along the way.
Join him and support this great month of parties so that he might help the masses who need it while giving many people a great chance to use their imagination. We want this event to be a positive reflection of what the future will hold, people joining together without prejudice, hate, and greed, but instead with the spirit of unity, positive visualization of a future we can manifest together, and an agreement to all get along and help each other instead of become divided and all suffer instead.

Literature in this day and age is the potential to create a Quantum Story, a Viral message who’s transmission of a story line around the world is now possible, a way to drop in a new way of thinking, a new path to unity that does not get filtered out before its seeds have been sown and can no longer be removed for they will grow in the minds of all Beings who consume them.  A smile on your face when you realize you too are a Wubber, a Spirit manifested means you are a WIB, Wub IN Body…. here to experience this form as life and to learn how to communicate your energy into what ever you wish…. artists, healers, teachers, and more, the physical experience in this form teaches us, the Spirit within, many things that will be taken with us once we leave this form one day.  With this Vessel I call Darby, I can take a single breath of air and send a wave of energy around the world over and again until it builds up a life of its own.  Air becomes sound, words that Bakhtin wrote of as the utterance that can change the path of another human.  What if I use that one lung of air, creating the utterance, perhaps fifty words long, or a song, that once heard, alters the way another might view an event, life, or actions thereafter?  We have proof over and again… whether it is a simple set of words like “I have a Dream” (Martin Luther King) or “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country” (JF Kennedy who gave his life to speak out the truth).  It is an amazing tool, growing energy of focused air that dramatically accelerates the potential for us to reach the 100th Monkey effect on billions of humans, as well as other Beings not in our same form.  What are you doing with your gallon of air you breath?


Wii are all one for as intelligent Beings with Spirit who share the resources of this planet to form the body, all of us born here, created from the clay and water of Mother Earth, thus of the common Oneness, we exist.  The difference between We and Wii is that the latter expresses that our populace is united, all beings, into Wii…  United, Aware, and Intent to preserve the quality of life for all Beings on our Planet, thus we are Wubbers, in WUB, and awaiting our acceptance into the InterCosmic WUB Society.  Sounds pretty hokey but in a fantasy story written nearly 40 years ago, all of this sounded much more crazy, for how was Darby to write a book that could reach around the world and make this message heard before the powers that be could realize it is a serious way to seed, to plant a virus in the minds of humans, like the images of my 95% Pure Salvage Built houses, that sticks and then grows roots in the imaginative inspirational part of the brain that drives us to change.  Explore the few words of Wibblry and Wub, learn how to describe your favorite form of communicating and the let others know you are a Wubber and willing to live the simpler life it will take to share the planet with all beings without warring over so many things.  Please consider learning your Wibblry now, a simple set of two words, Wub and Wib, the energy, and the manifestation of your energy of Spirit, and how you communicate that while in any form any where in the Cosmos.  The basic rules of peaceful interaction and acceptance of our differences that it will take to venture out into space, or simply on our world in the coming times if we are to Thrive instead of just Survive.


When I was a child, this would sound crazy, but today this is not so strange.  Indeed we have learned that most of our premises and propaganda that Humans are the core of the universe is now outdated.  We have realized and now able to comprehend that others more advanced than us may exist, thus logically, must be considered in history and present than we have done.  The disclosures of new information is the treasure of the Internet, which soon could open up into the rest of the Cosmos as well, linking us up to other planets in the near future, thus the boom in Webbling that will follow will amaze humans as they explore the cosmos instead of the limited information on the internet now.  Imagine that.

I can put the means to create houses out of 95% Pure Salvaged Materials and Human Energy. I have spent 30 years developing these methods so that when the time came we could use them to free People from the chains of debt and free them to live life fully instead. Darby greets and invites you with the path that started in Texas some 33 years ago when Darby came to Texas. It is a great story of how to Salvage Mind, body, spirit, and home with little more than human energy. Please join me for a chance to open your mind to the new world of possibilities.

That said, Darby’s quest so long ago to fulfill his purpose in life and take the book of Wibblry and Wub can now be taken around the world, shown to those who may be interested in the concept, which is likely to be many once they understand the power of WUB, for it unites Wubbers globally to do the work individually that enables, empowers, and thus grows the power of the people united whereby Peace will finally be possible.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too! (Quite a popular video on Youtube, in fact our most oddly enough).

Darby invites you to explore, invest, and come have some fun at the events we will be having starting in June. Music events, film festivals, market days for all things salvaged, and much more cool events at Salvagefaire, in Salvage Texas of course. Don’t know where that is…. may need to become a member to find out. hehe.

No one inside the War Machine will turn it off, thus it is up to the 90% who could literally alter the course of all things with our common consciousness, our Oneness, our Wii.  Is it possible or just fantasy?  Perhaps time will tell for there is no reason not to do it just to better the planet, and if we can, once united for a cause, I believe we can manifest miraculous changes once we join together with the right heart and motivations.  Peace is an option that can be maintained, but it will take nearly all of the people on the planet to agree and that will take more than anything which has been shared around the word so far.  Still, since this is a story of what could happen, in many cases what has already, it includes many paths found by all of us searching for answers  that could overlap.  For that place for us to meet, to hold venues where those of common mind could share and develop the knowledge we can share with others, thus Salvage, Texas.  I do hope you will get to join us that will add to the tapestry created by salvage artists, and those with the energy it will take to manifest miracles in the speedy format we will need as things change faster and faster, as will the needs that will be resolved.  If we join together, I think we can make this leap together and more of us thrive than to try and think any one can make it alone.

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through Salvage, Tx. candy and fear trail. We will also be having some incredible parties on the weekends so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

United we survive, divided we fall, working together with a common goal of caring for all the Beings who share our dear Mother Earth and we all Thrive. Wii, the oneness of Spirit we form when united is more powerful that all the wars we can stop by doing so. WUB… a World Union of Beings who believe that is possible could form at viral speed now. That is my next goal, to finish a simple story I wrote long ago before I could fill in the details it took 3 more decades to understand. We each have a purpose, a moment when we are special beyond all measure for we can turn another’s life around by igniting the candle within the belly, the passion that fuels Hope and the belief in success. That gives Faith a chance to move mountains and make miracles happen. I seed the grey cells of the mind in hopes that what I sow will grow into the visions I have had, of a world that treasures freedom of thought, Love, community, and the planet more than mass media driven consumerism, the gateway drug/virus to depression, aging early, and dying young and shutting down the pineal gland… the Mind’s Eye and link to Spirit. We can do better… together.

Hopefully many will come and join me in creating a place where those of us who do believe we can make a difference by our actions at this time in our evolution by joining together to harness the energy of our Spirits combined toward a positive goal, not war, taxes for the benefit of the rich, perpetuation of the interest burden that lets banks pillage the world, all of these things are changeable with little more than our minds, our actions individually, indeed the formation of a Wii that is so universal and thus powerful that no one will be left to protect and perpetuate wars, greedy rulers, and fake religious leaders.  Indeed the power to change it all comes from within each of us, for we determine what we will do with this gift we call life, in the form of a Wib, with the power of WUB, Wii can change the world as fast a virus can grow in this amazing day of the internet.

Well, its time to go Back to work on the book, as the town is nearly manifested now, and the messages to those who are helping are getting results that make it all possible.  Wubbers Unite, and share with friends, the virus is planted and the story never ends.  Join me and be part of the chapters still ahead, for the book ‘s still in the making, and the story barely read.  Salvage, Texas will rise from imagination through cyberspace to be seen around the world before ever being found on the map.  To be existing in the realm of thought, supported by the millions who wish to see us succeed, and to come one day and add their talent, art, music, film, or other creations that will inspire others to do the same or better, long after I am gone.  This is my gift to those who help create it, the chance to be part of the solutions that will come from the Puresalvageliving.com global community, all manifested from my Wub to you.

The BnB stay at our Organic Cottages will leave you rested and full of new visions for the future with salvage we hope you will consider there after.  Our campgrounds make your visit cheaper if you like, and possible for many to come and learn, return, and let the burners roar as they take action to the miraculous levels it can go and manifest their dreams like many flakes of snow.

Darby Lettick

Shaman of Salvage

Mind, body, Spirit, and Home,

Salvation through Salvage is my Song