A House For Me, A House For You, A Tiny House Will Often Do, But If You Need More Space Than One, Build Another Just For Fun.

You Could own a Part of Salvage, Texas: Buy Airspace Certificates that reach up to the Stratosphere.

We will send you an Original hand inscribed Airspace Ownership Certificate that will be yours to own. It will only be good for you to use for discounts and benefits as proof that you are one of the Charter Members of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.
This could get you a discount equal to 500 times its cost, up to 5 column inches x 500 on your Tiny Texas House when you are ready or 0% financing.  If we succeed in selling the whole village, the means to create housing possibilities expands as we provide scholarships, housing, and a path to success for many going into business with the mini loans we can make for materials out of the proceeds that come from the supporters who invest in the “Acre of Hope Airspace”  Charter Certificates.

I look to you to come and see, I look to you to come and Be, I look to you and ask for help, because I Can’t do this myself.

I look across the vast rocks and cactus, across the blowing sands of time. I seek the people who will help me, asking for it this one time.

But let us change the tune to a place that you could own a house like this, have it working for your future by making you money, writing off the expenses, and be depreciating it for the government to do their share to make your life better.  So how about a house in Salvage Texas, or at least a bit of the Airspace if not the land?

Sometimes it takes a moment to realize that the world is really upside down and your view is skewed. When you realize and want to capsize with the intention you must Awake to see the Light.

The village of houses grows, the ponds, creeks, and gardens are now real, and the caves to mud that heals, the path up Miracle Mountain that enlightens, all will be part of your world if you own a bit of the airspace above this miracle manifesting.  You can help make it happen for others too.  Please consider joining us in Spirit, body, or even to own a hOMe here and be part of manifesting solutions that will outlive us long after we are gone.

Here is the crew that helped float the Ark to its new resting spot where you will be able to come and spend the night with the frogs at the edge of Walden Pond.

Little by little a new place to piddle, to shower, and dress while not seen.

First the windows, then the doors, the things we can do still in store, and if you will just give it thought, your passions might be found and caught.

These windows faced a farmhouse in Iowa for more than a hundred years then came to Texas to become the favorite feature of this Salvage Art House that sits in Midland with a sister house even more unusual than her.

It’s been a while since I have seen my Zebu sisters, the product of imagination and some pretty pieces from across the country. Windows from Iowa farmhouse mated with others from St. Louis, Texas, and even from the Northeastern homes now torn down and forgotten.

I invite you to join me on the trip of a lifetime, into the land of imagination, of creation, of manifestation in a world that does not want to look outside of a box that is now full of rotten things that we can no longer live with.

Imagine owning the space above Miracle Mountain in Salvage, Texas.  This is a chance to support a cause that will empower millions to grow houses from their human energy and imagination that are sustainable and will last a lifetime or two.  You are the one with the power to enable others to achieve the things they can not believe are possible without help, and we can be that help so that they can finally believe that their success is possible.  With that, the Hope, Passion, and a path that is viable for the masses, Wii can join together to unite as co-ops of empowerment through using the salvaged materials from generations past.  Wii can teach those who wish to learn how to live sustainably, to grow their food, houses, and families with a new ethos and to abandon the broken media version of an American Dream that drives consumerism and pollution, the death knells of our planet if we do not get them under control.

Climb out of the box and be Free to think anew, the dream of what you can do…

Join me in an adventure that opens the door for a viral solution to come from the people, from the masses that will benefit the most from this industry that is just waiting to explode with opportunities for all who support it.  From the elderly to the children, from the homeless vets to the crippled and challenged, we can supply solutions, jobs, careers, small businesses with support and thus create a new paradigm in family security.  Loopholeology is a science of using the loopholes left by those who write the rules so that they can avoid the taxes that the masses pay out of ignorance.  If I can teach a mother how to run a small business that feeds the kids, pays for the tools, trucks, and secures their livelihood without being away from the family all of the time, I will have succeeded in galvanizing the family unity, the security for their future.  What more could I ask of salvage?  It can pay for the rejuvenation of our people, neighborhoods, and culture suffering from divisiveness, past wounds, as well as the need for housing as we transition 70,000,000 Baby-Boomers downsizing and migrating to warmer climates.

This is about creating a financing vehicle out of the donations in the form of purchasing Air Space Certificates so that you can honestly say you own a piece of our plan, that you are part of Salvage, Texas and what this manifestation represents, a Double Rainbow Council meeting place where Indigenous Peoples, Spirits in Body as Beings intent on peaceful solutions for us all to Thrive.   Wii are joining together, all uniting for the common good, to heal old wounds and form new bonds that will survive the hard times ahead.  United Wii can thrive, all of the “I’s” joined as One, together with a mission to halt the wars and redirect those resources and lives into doing the positive things that are possible to turn the tide and find Global Peace.  It can not happen with the leaders who seek wealth, power, and control of the masses but by those who want to create unity, communication, and alliances instead of war.

It’s never just a black and white world… we add color with our spirit.

This Air Space over Miracle Mountain is an offering that will give each of you a chance to play a part in the change for all of the money will go to creating this and then next Pure Salvage Outpost that can operate as a Co-op where many can share the tools to build houses, the space to build in, the wisdom of the Elders to teach the Youngers, and much more that can come from the unity and communication with a common cause… thus community.  We can create these likeminded empowerment centers across the USA like a string of Salvage Pearls that will be accessible locally instead of having to come to Texas to learn how to do this, to create from the trash of the past, imagination, and human energy.  The teachers can leave from here and with the Air Space Certificates Wii can join together to launch other Outposts where the support is locally proven by the Air Space that is bought, the people who thus commit to manifest, and with the money thus available for the sole benefit of the people who contribute and sharing the benefits with those who can not.  Wii make the difference t our acts and how we spend our money, the example is and will continue to be the town of Salvage, Texas, a virtual town, imagined, manifested, and a hOMe to those who seek answers, solutions, and paths to reach them. Let us join to spend a little together and thus pay for alot to happen here at Salvage, Texas.  If it works here, Wii can be the pattern, the template for this model to be replicated and thus the ideology unfolds.  Independent of the need for government or Global corporate support, Wii can make miracles happen in a short time, linked to one another to build on our successes as Wii overcome the common barriers stopping the growth of this industry, tiny organic sustainable housing, and the salvaging of billions of dollars in assets that the powers in charge would rather see in the landfill.  If we do not save the materials from the past to build the future with then we must harvest new resources, trees, mining metal, creating new toxins… just to build more giant houses that waste massive energy and wear out as intended, quickly.

We can do better and this is how.  Create the model for the people to see, experience face on, hands-on, to sleep in, eat in, and know it is real and possible. Then to teach those who want to learn how as they become the leaders in their communities when the demand becomes apparent and their business building or salvaging takes off.  Your success perpetuates my mission to show how you can do this without the big corporations siphoning off the big profits and paying the guys doing the work hardly more than a living wage.  Be the owner, be the person to make the decisions about how you and your family will thrive by uniting and working together, thus sharing as much time as you can together.  It can be a good thing if you are doing good things, getting lots of community support, and thus find fulfillment in your life.  Giving brings more happiness than taking from others without contributing in return, self worth, pride, and the desire to do more when you are successful and supported.  I want to give that to the masses instead of jobs.

Please join me in considering investing $10 per square inch (waterfront and top of Miracle Mountain are prime Airspace though and may only sell as larger parcels) of Salvage Texas Airspace Certificates and thus help us grow this across the USA.  I have proven it can be done, have the kids and people who want to grow this opportunity to be available for others, to teach, travel, and manifest a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance where Wii can make a difference by donating old houses, barns, and buildings, as well as our time, imagination, and human energy to enable millions upon millions to live a better life and make the world more sustainable.  How can you say no to that?  Please consider what you might be able to do and even more, a small lease on some land to build your dream, to create a Tiny Organic Cottage as an investment, a rental, a place to get away, to leave behind to the kids, and to be your tiny legacy in Salvage, Texas to show you supported the launch of this crazy idea, building the future out of the gifts and treasures left to us by our ancestors.  It is the energy of their blood, sweat, and tears, for the love of family, country, and an American Standard if quality mostly forgotten now. I propose we bring some of the best aspects of our past, our Truth, Honor, and Respect that seems to have been lost in the last fifty years.  Please join me in materializing the solutions instead of just bitching about the conditions that we can change bo do not.  Help me by living this way, with the Wii in mind, not the I or We that allows some to disregard the needs and their duty to our planet, to preserve and sustain a quality of life for all Beings who share it, not just our favorite humans.

Please share and come back to invest in an Airspace Certificate to support the manifestation that is going along so well it is now ready to go to the next level, expanding to a town near you so your dream house can manifest in your community and all benefit from the solutions that come with the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.  Life skills to build creative solutions from the many salvaged treasures our ancestors left for us to repurpose, reuse, transform, and finally prove all the wonderful solutions found in the Salvation through Salvage path I have proven is possible.


Darby Lettick