Public Surplus Sale happening at Salvage Texas June 2nd - 4th, 2017. Members are invited!

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What is Pure Salvage Living?

Pure Salvage Living is the lifestyle philosophy that originated with Tiny Texas Houses. Founder and owner, Brad “Darby” Kittel wanted a platform that could showcase the many uses and applications of salvaged building materials.

Thus, the concept of Pure Salvage Living was born and in 2012, we launched the PSL Online member platform – an online video tutorial database to train people how to get started in the careers of “salvage mining” & “salvage building.”

To date, we have over 500 members across eight countries that are learning how to salvage and re-purpose building materials.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live.  Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

Upcoming Workshops

Registration is now open for our next hands on building workshop, The Loopholer!

The Loopholer is a 10’x12′ tiny house that is designed to take advantage of some of the loopholes in building code so that it can be placed inside city limits.

June 9th – 11th, 2017. Limited class size of 20 students. Tiny House lodging and camping available. Sign up Here.

Pure Salvage Living Members get a discount on this workshop!

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