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What is Pure Salvage Living?

Pure Salvage Living is the lifestyle philosophy that originated with Tiny Texas Houses. Founder and owner, Brad “Darby” Kittel wanted a platform that could showcase the many uses and applications of salvaged building materials.

Thus, the concept of Pure Salvage Living was born and in 2012, we launched the PSL Online member platform – an online video tutorial database to train people how to get started in the careers of “salvage mining” & “salvage building.”

To date, we have over 500 members across eight countries that are learning how to salvage and re-purpose building materials.

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through the Salvage, Tx. Sweets & Fear trail.  We will also be having some incredible parties on the weekends so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

Now Accepting Internship Applications

We are now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 season for interns at Salvage Texas. We have a number of different projects we need help on, so if you would like to get involved at any capacity, please fill out our online application. 

Some paid positions available. Housing available and determined on a case-to-case basis. 

Upcoming Events at Salvage Texas

Our first large scale event at Salvage Texas will be ten days throughout this October. We are running a haunted house (built entirely from salvaged and re-purposed materials). Guests will get to explore our halloween festival grounds, with food trucks, performance artists, and vendors!

You can book an overnight stay in one of our tiny houses or campgrounds while you attend the festival too.

Come join us for fun, festivities, and costume parties! Pure Salvage Living Online members get special access, discounts, and members only perks!

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